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I have 2 Volvo's. One is a 2002- S60 and the other one is a '08 XC90. Both vehicles have the same problem. This only occurs in cold weather. Neither of them will shift out of park. They will not move! I have tried heating up the vehicle, wiggling the switch, turning car on and off, pumping brakes, moving steering wheel up and down and everything that I have read to do on the internet and nothing helps. Sometimes it takes it 30 minutes to an hour before it will finally shift out of park and then at time I have to force it. There should be a recall on this since I have read multiple people having the same problem. This is happening with all year, make and models of Volvo! I need some help on what to do and advice on what will resolve this problem.
Bought my 2003 XC90 brand new and have had nothing but problems! I have serviced it through the dealer and have kept it in a garage when not in use.Its now 12 years old with only 66,000 miles and the dealer is telling me that it needs a new engine!!! I will NEVER buy another Volvo
Do not EVER buy this car. I don't think I'll ever get another Volvo.
Just spent $6400 to fix the transmission, the leaking seals and on and on.
We bought it new in 03. We have 165K miles on it. All service done in Dedham, Mass. Its been a great car. I am planning on getting at least 250K on it. All repairs, service, tires, brakes, exhaust, everything averaged about $1200 per year. I am happy.

Can't wait for the new XC90 PHEV. I own 2 other Volvo's and our experience has been the same on both. The Dealer makes a lot of difference.
/horrible car and service failed at 6000 miles I told the dealer they did nothing then they called me at 10,000 miles to do a prorated new tire rebate which was nothing to the same kind of tires....the car did not start at 5 or 7,000 miles and got a jump took it to the dealer they said a recall on the battery software....( now in to deep to get out....later found out they sold me a so called new car to my face while anything with miles on it expecially 4000 miles is considered used)..lets go on after miticulus car and purple oil and more
they told me the engine had sludge and the sun roof was clogged and that not covered under warentee after a second opinion and proof this was not true...the dealer was rude and mean.....drove the car to Colorado from plano and the cd player burned up then drove to Oregon ( got the car for long distances as it was my 2nd car) and had to put a new engine in it thank GOD I bought the top of choices of extended warrentee due to I had low miles but the time ran out for Volvo to cover anything.....that was a horrible experience and only due to immaculate car and keeping records did they do anything ....and everything was a fight.....the car still leaked and online an attorney was doing a national suit against Volvo for doors leaking but I had to prove I went to dealer but the dealer would not give me the report that said I came to them when I was under warrenttee ( the last visit I was told it was there but they could not open it and could not ggive it to me) new engine ( well you kknow how that goes used rebuilt) then replacement of computer chips of about 3000 dollars and some not covered under the now back to texas and one check engine light on and told by Oregon it was not covered and not essential and since Oregon does not do emission testing this not important BUT in texas could not get inspection sticker without the light one could fix and was lead down different paths...purge pump purge valse fuse.....etc all then sent me to the dealer who took 1 month to decide that the previous Volvo dealer had missed 2 crossed wires with evaluation and they tried to get money for diagnostic above and beyond the 200 dollars or so cause they said they took hours to find this but the technician told me he did not work on my car but a few hours if any daily and only after talking to the manager did they find the problem within a day and only since I had firestone manager who sent me there behind me since they tried to fix problem but could not....any way...then the siren went out they say and they charged 10000.00 dollars for 30 min of work......on and on ....horrible car and sevice ...don't buy...I bought a new thought new car so I would not have problems....well bad car ..then they called me cheap and said I go to cheap places to get my oil changed.....and talked bad about firestone and independent shops.... oh then I have to say now the towing is not what they told me the fises don't support most camping equipment things break so easily just from basic use like the consul container....the driver seat button space cracked just from getting in and out of car and if you don't face the ac port windows on dash away from window it fogs up...gas mileage is poor,.....mounting bar to engine they now tell me is much more......oh and the sway with wind or big trucks passing that was something to get used much more
check engine light is on on the dashboard,whats the remedy
Volvo has lost it's way. Our 2004 xc90 turbo has been the least reliable of any car we have owned. What is more concerning is the lack of response from Volvo Service. The reported 'safety' of this brand is exaggerated, for example the vehicle would 'shut down' to 1/4 power while on highway with no dashboard, signals etc. Each time it was towed to service and supposedly fixed (battery, and many 'we cant replicate this problem' visits) they finally replaced the CEM or main computer. Our young kids were in the car!! No recall and no warranty despite dozens of reports about this problem across North America. That is only one example of an issue with this vehicle. We are stuck driving this unit till it drops but never will any of our family purchase a Volvo again. One last funny note...I wrote to Volvo Canada, they never responded but did add our email to the promotions department so now we receive special offers on buying a Volvo, might as well pour salt on the wound. Oh ya, don't get us started on the 'oil pressure,stop vehicle' warning, no one can fix it and we bought shares in Castrol due to the way this puppy drinks it.
OK - so we thought this was going to be a great purchase. It was till about 95,000 miles. Then everything went wrong. The engine got wet in a desert rain storm, and it turns out a VOLVO V8 ENGINE CANNOT GET WET as it will rust and there is a catastrophic engine failure (balance shaft) costing $5,000 to repair. That's weird because the Volvo V8 is a modified Yamaha marine engine.

The the power steering pump went bad last month...another $1000. Also, we had to change tires every 6 months ($1,000 each time) because Volvo would not admit that the subframe bushings moved because oversized tolerances (yes, changed the bushings twice)....and it needed new brake pads (another $700), 3rd change in 5 years cos the car is too heavy for the brakes. Oh and the drivers seat control frame is all ripped up because if you're less than 6 ft tall, your leg scrapes the edge every time you exit, so we have a big hole from broken plastic (the seat has to be replaced...) . Don't forget that the expensive entertainment system does not work anymore. Can't get the sound to work no matter what we've tried.

I hope Volvo's new Chinese owner kicks some butt in Volvo management for putting out such a poor quality car and spoiling Volvo's reputation....or maybe it was some interim manager from Ford that forced Volvo to put out a Ford look alike (no offense to new Fords that are so much better)

I think we will buy a Korean or Japanese or even an American car next time. Forget the European stuff unless its Deutsch. Hope someone still likes XCC90 V8's when we sell it. I've done all the repairs and it should run great for a bit

update this very moment: check engine light just went on and the engine sounds funny.....the "fun" continues
Clogs in the AC Drain Tube have resulted in over $1,000 of additional charges because the clog had to be cleared $125, it caused water to leek in the cabin so I had to dry and clean the driver side carpet $270, and it ruined the A/C Blower Motor $785. I can't understand how the clogging occured and how to prevent it in the future so I'm afraid it will happen again.
Absolute garbage. On all fronts. And Volvo USA? Don't waist your time. If you're reading this then it's probably too late. You've bought one (GOD HELP YOU) it's falling apart like a Yugo, or, you've now found out that the bolt that doesn't come off from the idler pulley on the belt and it costs $1,850 to replace a $60 item. Yes, to add to the horror, new timing chain cover because the routine job of replacing a belt is ANOTHER design flaw by Ford, Volvo, pick one. They blame each other then blame the customer. Again, God help you and good luck AND get a part time job to throw to lots of money at this POS XC90, 2006, V8. It goes without saying, I'll NEVER buy another Volvo. I work in a hospital, work with many, and see many patients. I go out of my way to let ALL of them know about Volvo, what my experience has been. Volvo, so far, has been the worst mistake of my life. Pure junk from bumper to bumper.
I got my 2007 XC90 new in 2007. The first month the air conditioning quit working. It was a computer program problem. The dealer repaired it. About six months later the signal arm on the steering column quit working properly. The signal failed to turn off after making a turn and the headlight high beam would not turn on. After dealer repair it was still difficult to get the signal arm postion just right so that the high beam would turn on- a very poor design. At 51,000 miles the AM ban on the radio failed. Research showed it may be a loose connection at the rear window antenae connector. The dealer said it was a $500 repair. Needless to say I get along without the AM band.At 75,000 miles i had broken motor mounts. I also had periodic error display telling me the anti-skid feature was temporarily disengaged. The dealer said the problem was either a control unit or a steering sensor. The control unit would be $600. The sensor would be $1100. All plus labor. I was also told the vacumn pump had a small oil leak- repair cost $750. Needless to say I am now having to budget ongoing car repairs.
This was my first luxury car purchase. I knew Volvo made a safe vehicle and assumed this luxury vehicle would be dependable. That is why I was OK with the price. This has been the most disappointing car purchase I have made. I am 60 years old so there have been a few cars. THe only true postive aspect about this XC90 are the seats. They are the great seats particularly on long trips.
I would not recommend this car. I could have purchased a Chevy, saving money and having the sinilar repair issues.
I have a 2003 XC90 2.5 turbo and could not be happier with this car. I have 84,900 miles on this car and have not had to put on back brakes. I hope to go to 90,000. I did do service on transmission and radiator and ignored their advice not to service either one. The reliability has been as good as my 1988 Mazada 1979 Honda. I am looking hoping to drive this car another 100,000 plus miles!
I bought my 2007 XC90 in 2009 used. Within months, I was having problems with this car. This is the worst car I have ever had in regards to repairs. My Acura was much more reliable. Almost every time I take my car in for an oil change,something else is wrong. Granted, some of it may be the dealer trying to get more business, but a LOT of things are items I noticed were wrong and knew something was quite right. I have had to partially pay for a Valve Body replacement on the transmission, been told, the stay arm is bent, the bushings are bad, the motor mounts are loose, th toe Link is bent,I need new struts and springs, the serpentine belt is cracking, the control Arm and Bushings are bad and the vaccum pump is leaking oil. Not to mention I had to get new rotors for the front and back. Plus the everyday maintance type things, brake pads, alignments, tires, etc. etc. I think I have learned my lesson with Volvo. They may be safe, but only if you repair all the things that go wrong very quickly. So, I should have just added another $10k and purchased something else. I am super disappointed and can't wait to get rid of this money pit!
I have had my 2007 XC90 for two months. I always wanted to own one and hope that I have not made a bad choice. I noticed an unsual noise (almost like an old rusted spring sound)whenever pressing the brakes at any given speed. It also sounds like something is wrong with the front passenger side tire system at this time as well. I have taken it back to the dealer twice and they say everything checked out okay though the annoying noise is still there. About 3 weeks after my purchase, the low tire pressure sensor light appeared and is still on a month later even though the tire pressure is ok. I plan to go back to the dealer on next week for the third time in less than 3 months. I have never had this many isuues with car in so little time. I have had my last car for 10 years and only had repirs on it three times. Looks like this may be a trade in within the next year if things don't change.
My 2005 T6 AWD has been operating great with the exception of a complete electrical harness failure in the first 2K miles. I have read the horror stories regarding the T6 transmission and want to maintain a clean record with Volvo. The 45K check-up found a clean bill of health. The 60K check-up recommended replacement of a front axle due to plug leakage, replacement of front breaks pads and rotors, and list totaling about $4,000. I had expected to get ten years from this vehicle, not sure now if the further investment will be worth it.
I bought my Volvo XC90 2011 brand new in Oct.2010. I have had nothing but battery problems. Low battery light constantly coming on. I can't use anything electical without starting and using the engine. They said I don't drive it enough. I drive it everyday, I admit mostly only 12 miles or so. But even when I drive it 40-50miles I can't roll my windows up and down without the low battery light coming on. I read that they can disingage this function, but what if I then get stuck with a dead battery?
I bought my 2007 Volvo XC90 Last Year,Its been a great Car.I have a
service reminder indicator message and the gold triangle light that I need to reset since the car was serviced.I tried the key to position 1 and 2 while pressing the mileage 1 reset and it still pops up.any suggestions would be appreciated.
i bought my volvo xc90 last august 2011 its a used car its really nice car and i love to drive but one thing i noticed since i bought and drive this something is noisy in my front wheel because when i pass a rough road/hump or just an ordinary road theres something noise on it i dont know whats the problem of this.
I bought my XC90 (T6 AWD) used with 71k back in 2009 when I moved-back from the UK to the US. Overseas, XC90 is an amazing vehicle. In the US, so-so. I was in a crunch and got a decent deal for it. And, I bought a 3-yr/36k extended warranty. Good thing! I've had enough repairs done to cover the cost of the warranty 3-times plus. But, the car works great. Its not what I wanted but its exactly what I needed. The ext. warr. is coming due. Based on these freakin' proprietary parts, I'm definitely renewing it. No car payments kinda makes it tough to buy a new vehicle at this point. Another problem is the dealership is over 20-miles away. Granted local shops exist but almost all warranty work has to be thru the dealership.
Good vehicle that many have admired. I use mine as an AWD SUV should be used, i.e., I do a lot of camping and go off-road. Since control-arms are considered wear-n-tear and have the dealership down to under $600 w/alignment for full replacement since wear-n-tear isn't warranty covered, I can anticipate this cost to occur again in about 5-yrs. Other than that, I highly recommend getting an ext. warranty. Its saved me quite a few thousand.
Have had my 2007 for a short time and have a bad odor coming from the A/C-I have had it in for service twice and it doesn't go away. When the fan is running with out the A/C it isn't present. This is sickening. I guess I trade it in on one that doesn't smell and take a loss.
Yes, this vehicle is expensive to maintain. Yes there are a few computer glitches now and then, but every car is never perfect all the time. Look at Mercedes Benz for example. What a nightmare they are compared to the much more reliable Volvo. I know I have owned both. Volvo is expensive, but it all comes down to, "What is your life worth?" All in all, style, safety and pure pleasure of driving, this is a good vehicle.
Do I keep it or cost my losses now? Volvo XC90 less than 5 years old. Brought to the dealership for a brake job and diagnostics on the CEL and an occasional clunking sound from front end. The results: $225 for replacement of front brake pads, (and recommendation for new rotors at an additional $430 since they do not turn rotors), $129 for a Break Fluid Flush, $474 to replace the Emission Evap Pump which will clear the CEL, $454 for new spring seats which will remedy the occassional clunking noise plus $99 for required alignment after installation of new spring seats. PLUS recommendation for new A-frame bushings at $705 which are wearing and will need replacement soon, replacement of Break Vacuum Pump (which is supposedly leaking) @ $659. and replacement of A/C condensor (which is also supposedly leaking) @ $996. TOTAL = $4,071.00 for a vehicle with less than 65K miles on it. WOW!! Is this normal? I have driven way less expensive vehicles for 12 years and never forked out thsi much on repairs. Was I just lucky in the past or is this normal? I am still in shock. By the way, paid for the break job and fluid flush and getting a second opinion/quote on the other work before I decide what to do.
I have the 2004 XC90 T6. I like the vehicle a lot but am concerned about what might be in store for me after reading the reviews. I had to replace the fuel pump unfortunately before I found out there was a recall on them. I also had to replace the steering gear and box and still don't think its quite right. The AWD eats tires despite me trying 2 different brands and types including the mfg suggested. I haven't had any transimission problems yet (knock on wood) but noticed it seems to be a little loose when I shift it into gear. I have 85K miles on it and it just went out of warranty so I guess I'm rolling the dice if I keep it. I do like the ride and the T6 Trubo does a nice job considering its a mid size SUV it's carrying around. Like anything else if you take care if it then it should last barring any design issues.
OK vehicle with expensive maintenance costs. The vehicle has 65000 miles and the rear wheel ball joints have had to be replaced 2x so far. (I have never had to replace the ball joints on any of my other vehicles).
I have had nothing but problems witn my 2005 XC90. I would never buy or recommend a Volvo again. I drive alot and car is out of warranty. Since then I have put in at least $10,000 to keep this car running. Buyer beware!!!
Great vehicle but expensive (required) maintenance.
Have had this car for 4 years now, 32,000 miles. No problems with it so far. It has only been serviced by the dealer other than occasioanl oil and filter changes. I run with synthetic, Mobil 1.
Mechanically sound, handles well enough. Feel very safe in this car and the T5 engine is solid. MPG averages in the 16-17 mostly urban driving, can get up to 21-22 on Hwy.

Remains a handsome car, am about to wear out original tires so will buy new ones in 2011.

It's a keeper.
I just spent $1200 last week for suspension problems, this week it needs a transmission. I was quoted $6000 to $6500. I'm totally disappointed. The car is 6 years old
i have only had this car for a few months and this is what I've got to say: the fuel filler door hinge is a bad design. the plastic they used to mold it is fragile. the seats could have their covering attached a little better. the mpg is not what i would like but the engine seams very powerful. the software in the computer needs numerous updates and as far as i know you have to go to the dealer for that. there has been a fair amount of recall work to be done but haven't had a prob. with getting it. summery: i love this car but you have to stay on top of it.
Love the ride and handling but only had problems with suspension. AWD unit when out, both rear ball joints. Very expensive repairs.