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When its behavior issues are fixed it is amazing. It likes to eat strut mounts the most... If you buy one get it cheep because people dont maintain these well. If you keep up on maintenance you will be ok.... Definitely buy a icarsoft 906i scanner and the necessary tools to work on this car. If you have no clue it will cost a bit more.....
No caster adjustment capability. Accurate wheel alignment is impossible. Brand new tires every 15,000 miles. 82,000 miles and 4 sets of new Continental tires. EXPEEENSIVE. Local "wheel alignment shops all say "is well within specs". Hard pull to right, then a new alignment to make it go left, then nasty front tire wear. Impossible to align car with a center line of steering. Very disappointing. Car is always in a controlled skid and in a state understeer, then over correction, then back to understeer and on and oon and on.
Dan, Have a 2000 S80 t6 got it sept.2012 brought in in Conn. An it really impressed me, So I purchased it an Drove it home to Philadelphia, Pa. An was in love with every aspect of the car. Kept my fuilds full and oil changes and 87octane on gas , In 2014 I started having problems with the front head lights flickering off an on, Then just would'nt come on anymore, almost instantly the car started idling and sputtering for awhile then calmed down and runs but at light jerks and lose power then speeds up back off , Its weird , Everywhere I take it they dont do VOLVOS cant read the codes they say , Take it to the dearler, The dearler wants a lot of money like its a new car almost more than I paid for the car itself . I love it when it runs , But when its a little problem it turns bad fast and hurt your Pockets.
very nice car I purchased it two yrs. ago at 145,000 miles but recently been having transmission shifting issues. the car seems to not want to shift to second gear rpm just goes up but no acceleration. I had the tranny flushed and filter changed but it still slips. I took it to a transmission shop but they couldn't diagnose the problem because it's intermittent. It slips on the way to the shop then it starts to run fine right before the mechanic hooks the computer to it. Anybody has a remedy for this problem. I'm trying to avoid taking it to the dealer because they are extremely expensive.
Have totaled 238,000 with little to no upsets. Just recently (last Fall) replaced all struts. Car well deserved it after 200K. Mainly been oil and tires and timing belt changes over the years, but just recently have to address a problem with the climate control module which means a serious investment $1200+. Intend on keeping the car because it does perform so well. And prices of new are out of sight. If $1200 is the cost to go another 75-100K I'll ante up. Only complaint I have is with expiring bulbs.
What a lemon, alternator replacement for $2000, battery replacement, oil seal replacement for $2250, steering lock problem and the list goes on but when it work's... that v8 sounds and performs reallllllly good
2001 S-80 T-6 Exec Model. Replaced Tranny under warranty at around 80k miles; when warranty expried at 100k, so did the engine at 112k, and the car had been maintained at each service interval with Volvo dealership. $5K later and engine replaced (used), having an issue with battery, will not hold a charge, on my second new battery. Alternator checks out good. Nobody can tell what's drawing it down. Replace either tail light and "position" bulbs constantly, what started out pretty nice has turned into a money-pit!
car lookis and runs great with the v-8. suspension is a little floaty and steering could be crisper as far as responsiveness goes. have had no problems with it except for a slight vibration at highway speeds, this may be from a slightly bent wheel that is being straightend. Previuos owner must have hit a pothole. seats are fantasic, wery comfortable. really enjoy the car overall.
I just purchase a 2000 t6 S80 at the Good Will in San Luis Obispo. It runs great. 3 weeks after I purchase the car the power steering blew a o'ring, so I am repairing it with another o'ring and see if that will take care of it. The vehicle rides great looks good, it has 130,000 but who ever had it took really good care of the car.

Fabulous vehicle...2001 with 202000 mi.
I have always own a Volvo since 1977 but they were the manual transmission. The last manual Volvo I had for ten years with almost 350,000 miles on it. I am very disappointed with the 2004 S80. My automatic transmission, I had to spend $5,000 on repairs and it only had 140,000 miles on it. The other cars I never had transmission problems. I recently had to replace the radiator, water pump, timing belt and thermostat all within two weeks. Again, the car doesn't have 150,000 miles on it. The mileage is a problem, I'm getting 5 miles less per gallon. I driving habits have not change. I was having electrical issue, my headlights kept blowing out and the dealers didn't have an answer. The radiator was leaking before the warranty but the dealer didn't find the issue until after the warranty was over. I will need to replace the brushing and arms. This will be the last Volvo I owned, I will never buy another Volvo. I will be shopping for another brand. Any suggestion out there?
Always love the body style of the 1999 S80. Great highway cruiser. Hauls lots of stuff. Expensive to maintain, I don't consider 150,000 miles excessive since they are all easy miles of open highway and around town. Trottle body replacement, ABS module, and aot of other check engine light problems. Most annoying, false reports of Gas Cap loose warnings. Alarm system failure. Love the car, scrap the electronics! Will never buy another volvo.
We were stationed in Germany and went to Sweden to pick up our car. We had it for 3 months before we shipped it back to the States. We started having problems with it with only 15,000 miles on the car. The main computer chip had to be replaced, the fuel sensor had to be replaced and the fuel tank had to be replaced. It now has 23,500 as of 5/22/2012 and we are having to replace the front brake pads and rotars. We are stationed back in Germany again and the warranty expired. It seems like we have had nothing but problems for a car that is not that old and does not have a lot of mileage on it.
Poor suspension rough for a "luxury" car, but at the same time it sways and bottoms out too much (does not fill solid)even though tires are Michelin factory installed type and rating and are kept at recommended pressure)
at 79 K miles transmission trouble
at 45 K miles front end noise when going over speed bumps or road dips; dealer (Tampa, Florida Volvo dealer) said nothing wrong; not dangerous; keep driving; now at 79K miles extended warranty is up and I find out this is not uncommon for Volvo and should have been fixed then while under extended warranty; do not buy from or use service at the Tampa, Florida dealership
I have only had my 2000 S80 Volvo since January 2012. Since I have had it I have only had to have an oil change on it which cost me aroun $50. But one day when it had been cold in the morning I went to lower the passenger side window. I heard what it sounded like a little plastic piece break. I got the window back up. My kids had put it down a couple of time and I thought maybe it is ok. Well yesterday it was nice outside I decided to put the window down. Big mistake! the window fell off of the track. Thank God I had the help of our youth pastor to help me get it back on the track. I put tape on the window so I can't put it down. I have been getting estimates to get it fixed, all of the are around $400 or more. Why is this so expensive to fix?
We have a 2006 S80 purchased new. This S80 is our third Volvo in the past 30 years. Doubt we will buy another. Currently has 110K on it. First 60k was basically trouble free. Now seems to be one thing after another and product protected. Good car, but a constant maintenance event. Significant problems with head lights and suspension sytem. Constantly fixing something like fuel door, dimmer switch, etc. Not sure all this is worth the hassle for the price and since we live 50 miles from the nearest Volvo shop.
Purchased a 2000 Volvo S80 used from a friend of a friend. Sharp-looking car with a generally smooth and comfortable ride. Thanks to meticulous maintenance by the previous owner and myself, the car runs relatively well. Have however experienced problems with exterior trim pieces (side markers, moldings, weather stripping, gas door) breaking or coming loose. These have been generally simple repairs involving super-glue and magnets for the gas door. The bulgy shape of the exterior makes it an especially easy target for dings. I park in a tight parking lot every weekday and you can certainly tell looking at the doors. Despite flushing the transmission religiously every 30,000 miles, occasionally the car will vibrate upshifting from 2nd to 3rd gear and downshifts can also be rough. I've read that this issue is not uncommon when reaching 100,000+ miles. Interior and exterior bulbs fail frequently as they are on constantly. The need to replace ball joints, wheel bearings, etc. every 18-24 months is most likely due more to rough New England roads than the car itself. Fuel economy is decent for a 6 cylinder averaging 27.9 MPG (average speed is around 48MPH in moderately hilly terrain). Commuting more than an hour each way to work, I spend a great deal of time in my car and rack up almost 500 miles/week. That being said I have been very satisfied with my S80. I hope to take the car to 300,000 miles and beyond. When the time comes to replace, or pass on, this S80, I certainly plan to buy another Volvo.
I own a 2005 S80 2.5T. I have had some issues with this car. On a regular basis, the bulbs in the headlights keep going out...the life on those is less than 3 months. Other annoying issue is the rubber insulation all around the windows and inside the engine gets really brittle and breaks off easy. I have changes that 3 times in 6 yrs...(appox. paying $90 per window+others...$500+ each time). Furthermore, hoses keep cracking and failing too...just quality of the product is not there.

Last week, we have a bigger issue...the transmission light came up. Dealership is telling me that the transmission will have to be changed because it can not be repaired. Another $4k in cost...I have $115k in mileage on the car. Also found out at 80k mileage that the Turbo was leaking oil too..Very frustrated...I have decided to go back to Japanese cars. Never will I buy Volvo again and will warn all against buying Volvo. Not worth it when it comes to repair and maintenance cost and quality is just poor.
Great car in all categories! Love the 4.4L V8, super engine with lots of power and torque However, I do have a oscillating drive train hum at highway speeds and the suppression is too rough and harsh for the worthless roads in Illinois.
My 2005 Volvo S80 T6 has been a great find. I bought it used in 2008 and have only had one real problem with it. The tire valve stems/sensors continued to fail. I got sick of having to fill my tires with air all the time, and the dealer couldn't identify the problem right away, but eventually had to have them replaced. Other than that, I've kept up with the normal maintenance schedule and everything else has been perfect!
Great car! The 5th volvo that I've owned (240's, 740, 960) and definitely the best. Maybe the earlier versions had issues based on some posts, but volvo must have worked them out by 2005. I bought it used. Have had it for 3 years now (70,000 miles) and love it. No problems. Runs beautifully. And I expect it to last like my others. All over 150K. One over 250K and still counting. But that's a volvo for ya.
Best car I ever had. Had it for 3 years and starts up every time and has a nice smooth ride. Haven't had to put a lot of money in it either.
Long list of repairs, too long to repeat here. It tires me out just thinking about it!
'02 S80 T6 purchase new and only owner, I now have 120K on the car.
1) Leather interior driver seat and hand break boot quality is average.
2) Brakes excellent other than normal wear.
3) Drive Train, average. ocassional program patch to enhance shifting.
4) Electrical/ Lights, brake lights always reporting bulb failure. Bad contact.
5) Engine, T6 is powerful but have ocassional top engine mount replace.
6)Exhaust/Emissions, average.
7) heating/ AIr, fan noise had to be replaced
8) Suspension/Steering, front suspension components have to be replace. Control arm, strut upper mount seat, end links, and ball joints.
The vehicle runs well, we have over 130K on our 2001. The issues we encountered were with the brake line (connection to rear wheel) and a ABS module problem.
The best thing about S80’s is they’re good looking except the rear end and some poorly done details.

But, I have trouble getting comfortable in any seat and the outward visibility from the driver’s seat to the rear and from the rears seats forward is bad so trips aren’t fun.
Also reliability is the worst of any car I have had (except maybe a Volvo 240, a mechanic recommended junking it at about 130,000 miles).

Pieces fall off somewhat regularly (side marker light, tail light, fuel line retainer, which left the fuel lines dragging on the road, windshield wiper, exterior side molding, weather-stripping). Most of these pieces just snap on without mechanical fasteners.
I recently spend $2500 to get it through inspection less than a year after spending $2200 on repairs (and having the throttle repaired and transmission software tuned up under warranty). A wheel bearing, control arm bushing, power steering reservoir, anti roll bar links, AC parts, cooling fan, several electrical relays and window regulator have all been replaced outside the warranty, all before reaching 70,000 miles. My 87 Buick with 165,000 miles has had way less work done.
Occasionally, it gets stuck in Park. After trying repeatedly, so far, I have managed to get it in gear. It seems pressing hard on the brake pedal helps.
Now the driver’s seat chatters and groans when moving forward or back. I guess that’s the next thing that will need attention. The leather is looking very shabby so maybe I should replace the whole seat?

This is my 6th volvo...And I love My 09 S80 T6. I have owned an Audi, BMW, and Infiniti...but this is by far My Favorite! A6 a close 2nd.
I was a single parent and college student looking for a newer car, I was going to go with a honda accord, but found a volvo S80 and thought with two teenagers that would be driving soon that would be the safer bet. Safer maybe, but riddled with problems from the begining. Throttle body replacement 2 months out of warranty, transmission problems that the dealer cant seem to fix, check engine light on for two years now, came on after the dealer worked on it. Service engine light on, and there is nothing cheap about this car. The dealer has all the software so I feel like I am at their mercy, and being a female does not help. I will never buy another Volvo again.
Great car! Always wanted one and since i got it I would never think about buying another!
I will never own another S80. Quicksand.