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Volvo 850 (10 Reviews)
I own a 1995 Volvo 850 turbo with 200,000+ miles on it. It still runs well for a 19 year old car. Only real problem is the air conditioning - after it failed twice i finally gave up on fixing it.
I bought this car new in 1996. It is my last new car. I have always enjoyed the vehicle. The 5 speed transmission adds a little zip to the drive and the rear spoiler puts just the right angle to the body. The car handles impeccably with the compressible linkage in the rear helping in the handling. I expect to keep this car forever. The brakes are excellent and easy to maintain. The clutch wore out at about 195,000 miles and was replaced. The 5 speed is crisp and precise. The engine is still strong at 225,000 miles and burns no oil and has no leaks. I still have the original exhaust system except for a new muffler at 150,000 miles. It seems that with reasonable service (pretty much by the manual) this car will be with me for quite a while.
I bought my 1994 850 non-turbo standard shift Volvo wagon 1n 2002 for $7000.00 with 72000 miles on it. It had 302468 miles when the odometer quit and god knows how many miles since then. Unbelievable facts:original clutch,original exhaust system,original radiator,original hoses,original water pump,just replaced heater core,1 fuel pump,1alternator 1 starter. It just keeps on giving in New Hampshire winters. Best car I've ever owned bar none. They don't make them like this any more.! Jim
Have owned it 4 years now with minor repairs needed, strut bushing, PNP switch, and ABS module. The car gets 30 MPG on the freeway, and with 161,000 miles it's gonna last me a while.
This car has 178,573 miles runs good only one problem no one seems to be able to solve.When you are driving it will shut down the dash lights up you turn on the flashers pull over to a safe place out of traffic wait about will restart and go you never know when this will happen so you are always on guard it might happen 2-times or go 2-or 3 weeks before it happen again its been in 3-shops without an answer i need help before someone rearend me.
This is a great car especially over 200k. Great gas milage.
I love this car just replaced some things but overall a great car and gets close to 500 miles on full tank when driving out of town. I am at 121k miles
Still going strong and reaching 300k miles
Great car especially with over 200K on it. Runs like new.
I've owned this car for a few years and it has had some of the typical problems associated with this vehicle, ABS control module failed, broken shock mount, broken upper motor mount, leaking turbo return line seals etc. The vehicle is a good daily driver but requires regular maintenance and repairs to keep it in good condition.