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Volvo 940 (4 Reviews)
Bought the car new in 95 with one purpose in mind; protection for my wife and kids. Through the years, the Volvo has saved life limb and trauma on two different occasions. (auto crashes ie; being plowed into by other vehicles. Only until recently, our volvo has had minimal mechanical/electric problems...but now, pushing on toward 300K and into another twenty years of service, is "she" faltering. I raised three boys in the back seat of that car..picture it in your mind..yeah shes taken a beating inside and out..But I'm telling you, the 940 Volvo wagon is still as much of a world class car today as the day I drove it off the lot. Its paid for itself a couple of times and is proudly my wisest money spent ...ever. Bury me in my wagon. Million miles, here we come.
A tremendous driver on the highway, the car gets up to speed fast fast and is smooth at speed, and sports are very forgiving ride around town. The car is heavy and in town driving fuel economy reflects that. Plastic trim/fitments eventually fall apart, disconnect, become the victims of plastic fatigue, etc. and this is the most noticeably sub par aspect of this model/year. Mine has an automatic transmission. It shifts smoothly, and keeps the car's power band in play appropriately under all driving conditions. The car was rated very safe in 1991, although watch for crash info on today's highways.
i love my car