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Volvo C30 (3 Reviews)
this has been agreat car except for the ac does not get cold enough as all my other cars did
I have 28,000 on my C30. While the gas milage average is 29+ the road noise is getting imbearable. The dealer says my tires are cupping. They did not give me a reason as to why. The car is fun to drive, but I hate to have a passenger. With in minutes on the highway they are asking what the noise is. Most educated guess is bearing problems. On my way back to the dealer again. Will keep you posted. This really is a fun car to drive, but I think its days are numbered.


A unique look and style that gets lots of attention. The five cylinder, front wheel engine has lots of pep. The car excellerates well uphill in 6th gear. Braking is good and handling is crisp. The only things that are disappointing are: the cup holder is too close to the parking brake and the stick shift. The other is the rear storage area requires an optional cover which is rather pricey. Otherwise, the car is a terrific deal for the price. Give it a try. It's fun to drive.