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Volvo C70 (20 Reviews)
I bought this 2009 a couple months ago. Incredibly, it has just 25,000 miles on it. I have all records and the previous owner had essentially no problems with it, other than the REAR brakes being done twice, which is unusual. I do all my own auto work short of automatic transmissions and this car so far has needed nothing.

It is very quiet with the top up, quieter than my 2001 S60 T5. It is low to the ground compared with an S60, and the seats are very firm but not uncomfortable. I am surprised at the handling complaints others have; I drive this up and down the mountains every weekend and with good tires it handles fine. The front brakes shudder dramatically when they get hot (still on original pads) and the factory front discs appear to be flawed with pits in them which catch and retain pad material, causing this.

The base stereo sounds quite decent. The engine runs great and if I obey the speed limit I can easily break 30 mpg on trips. Otherwise about 24 mpg if you throw in some commuting.

Overall, I'm very pleased with this car.
I bought my C70 brand new from the dealer. I have the upgraded turbo version. At 23,000 miles I started to feel a rattle - by 27,000 miles I thought the tires were going to fly off the car. I've had to have 3 rims repaired and replaced all 4 tires due to "feathering". The dealer has told me it's due to Jersey roads, potholes, and my driving. We'll see. I think it's a bit much to have to replace 4 tires at such low mileage. I LOVE everything else about the car - very comfortable - great trunk space (can fit my son's baseball bag + a cooler and still put the top down. Time will tell if the tires issue is due to me or something internal in the car.
I've had my Volvo C70 for about 3 months and I'm really enjoying it. I've had many cars (Jeep, Nissan, Honda, Caddy, Lincolns, Toyota, Acuras... )and I must say that I'm impressed with everything about my Volvo except maybe the ride quality. It can be a rough ride. I have 112K miles on mine and I just completed my recommended service. The dealership wanted over $750, (Nope!!) I bought the parts and a family member performed the service. Overall price, about $175 parts and $100 labor. You will want to have a mechanic because even the oil change for full synthetic, (6+ quarts) is about $90-$110. I have all the features except the front sensors. I get compliments all the time even with the roof up. I'm 6'5" and the seats adjust perfectly for a person of my height and there is plenty of room for long trips. I must say that the car can produce squeaks when the roof is up. It was annoying at first, but to be honest, I'm use to it now. The heat and the air are excellent. A cool night with the top down and the windows up and the heat on.... Perfect! It performs well when merging into highway traffic, and can go from 60 to 85ish when needed. Although I'm still new to the Volvo brand, I hope what I've mentioned above helps.
Love it! I got it for a steal. It is a 2008 -beautiful. Great-looking car. "Transformer" hard-top convertible is a show-stopper. Fast, comfy. But handling is atrocious. Terrible torque steer, jittery on bumps.
Only concerns were to replace tires, oil, AC refrigerant, and transmission fluid.
how much cast to fix a ecu in c70
My daughter bought a 2004 C70 from a co-worker. It ran great for about a year and then the transmission had to be repaired, the ac stopped working, the rag top will no longer open or close, this all happened within about three months. Now the lights aren't working properly. Will never buy another Volvo.
I have had my 2009 C70 T5 for over two months. Bout it from a friend. I've had to replace the front right axle and left wheel bearings after 100,000 miles and will have to replace the front control arms soon. Besides that, it's been a good car. Fun to drive and very comfortable. I wish it got better mileage but when the top is down you tend to not care about that as much. When I mash the brakes the front tires shake, but that may be brakes. I really love the style and look and performance.
Bought my 2008 c70 Volvo used with 40K miles.

In the first year I've had three "repairs" but still experiencing same ELECTRICAL problems:

> Key stuck in ignition
> "Powersteering" warning light is on
> Powersteering goes out completely
> "Immobilizer" light comes on
> alarm lights on the door do not turn off/drain battery

I'm pretty sure all these problems are related... The dealer(Volvo of Orange County) cannot find the problem. $3,600 later, the car still doesn't work.

This make and model has serious PROBLEMS. Very fustrating. I will probably be trading in the car ASAP and will do more research on my next vehicle.
I must admit, someone got a lemon of a car.

For me this one has been the most reliable of all.

The only problem that I have had was that the instruments would play crazy - like brake failure, or abs failure...

This has now been solved - all the wirings were checked and rechecked.
No problems since then.

Also mine runs on LPG.

I have had at least 11 cars, this has been the best and the longest owned - just short of 180.000 km driven - technically drives as on day one!

all in all a great car!
I was so excited to get my first brand new car and thought I was getting quality in buying a Volvo C70 Convertible. It has approx 80,000 miles and I'm being told I need a new engine through no fault of my own! I've already had to replace the clutch, repair the drooping headliner. The quality of the leather seats is the worst I've ever seen. Needless to say, I'm never buying another Volvo.
I purchased my 2011 Volvo used and I love it. It runs like a top and gets lots of looks. Like all convertibles it is a bit noisy. The back seat is roomy but difficult to get in and out. I never use it anyway. I would buy this car again in a heartbeat.
Hey Great Falls, MT,
If your car is like my 98' C70 it's more than likely that a spring has fallen off of your passenger seat. It's located near the rotating hinge where the seat folds forward/backward.. The spring holds a metal arm against a connection so when the seat is manually put forward the controls dis-engage (safety feature). When the spring falls off the arm becomes loose and no long makes the connect. Run your hand behind the seat along the outer hinge. You'll feel a small metal arm that should be just sort of hanging. If you push it forward u'll hear a click! Try your motor controls if they work, then that's your problem. Can't help u w/ a solution because the spring is almost impossible to get back on.
Ive enjoyed this car since I bought it in 2006... I have a 2000... but lately this car have been giving me problems with the turbo , abs modual and now I need a window regulator... I think I shoulda LEFT it at the Volco dealer!
love this car. just wish i could find out how to make the passenger seat work. looks like there has been a recall on this, can i still bring it in for repair?
The C70 is a great car. My car is now 11 years old and runs like brand new and is still head turner. Bottom line you have to take care of it or like any other car it will turn into a lemon as the doc stated above. Laziness and neglect will ruin any vehicle especially a car abused in an extreme climate in Arizona. These cars are built so well that the run well even when parts are worn out so preventative maintenance is simple easy way to keep em runnin great. These cars are very fast and even faster with slight modification from companies like IPD.
Love this car. It's a pleasure to drive and has been very reliable. I bought an extended warranty but it turned out to be a waste of money since I only had a $100 repair during the 3 years of warranty.
Great-looking car. "Transformer" hard-top convertible is a show-stopper. Fast, comfy. But handling is atrocious. Terrible torque steer, jittery on bumps.
The convertible is great, but the car does not have a lot of bells and whistles. The interior is pretty plain, and the dashboard is basic. The upgraded sound system is fantastic.

Maaintenance has been fine with the exception of the transmission needing to be replace at 69K miles. THis si terrible for a 5 year old car. Volvo, or repair shops, don't repair Volvo transmissions. They only replace them. It cost me $5,500 from the dealership. The repair shops were about the same price for the replacement.

After 5 years, the cloth top is about ready for replacement.

I cannot recommend this vehicle.
It's fun to drive, but too many costly problems. Plastic interior is not acceptable. I wish I never bought this car. Very disappointed. Warning to all, don't buy 1999 - 2001 vehicle. I will probably never buy another Volvo because of this car. It's not worth the money I paid for it and now I am stuck with this lemon.
The C70 is a fun car to drive! I think it is the first Volvo convertible, and although I had a few problems with the top and the windows, they were addressed under the Volvo warranty. When the sun is out, the C70 is a blast!