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Volvo 240 (12 Reviews)
My1990 Volvo 240 I have owned this car for seven years. It has now reached 140,000 and and has many more miles in her. All it has had is routine maintenance, Brakes oil changes a new radiator, and still starts first time every time. A brilliant car will go on and on.
great car will last for ever
I purchased this car for $1 and it has been running for 4 years. New brakes, fuel pump, radiator, water pump, alternator, battery, and frequent oil changes... all done by myself. This car is so solid. They sure don't make'em like this anymore.
i used to think volvos were shoe boxes with wheels well i still think that about the 240's but i love this car i drove it to canada a few years back with not a problem it wasent the fastest car on the road but it did maake it there and back with ease .the new volvos do look alot better but i cant aford that so for now im good with what i got
one of the best cars i have ever owned. i hope to keep it going for years to come. if you like reliability you would love this car. this car can take some abuse. the only downfall i have to note for this car is that the a/c isn't quite up to par for texas heat.
I have had about a dozen 240 series Volvos, and they are solid and reliable. I replaced the last one with a MB SLK, because it is just more fun. Still, I still own a 1990 245 that my daughter drives, and she has driven away from beng hit twice, when the other cars were towed off. It isn't a race car, but they are good cars when it counts.
228.000 Kilometer later it is as drumtight as it was 19 years ago.
The doorhandles are nailbrakers, but the structural integrity of the car
is rather unique.
It is very strong,cheap on gas sounds new just as bad as old, so don`t worry and it is cheap to fix
I have a Volvo 240 with 289,000 miles. This is a solid car and easy to work on. It is built tough and safer in a crash than most of the other toys on the road. It does not use any oil and I can get 26-27 mpg on the road. The key is good maintenance and common sense driving. They are roomy, with a big trunk and the pass thru in the back seat is great for hauling long items like a couple of 8ft 2 x 4 boards. I wish they still made these I would buy a new one in a heartbeat.
Love my car, just hate the ac in this volvo does anyone else have problems with the ac in their volvos
I drove this Volvo though out most of high school and college. While the 244GL was a safe car, it didn't have much else to offer. The Volvo repair shop was a frequent destination while owning this car. I had a massive folder full of repair receipts that almost bring tears to my eyes just thinking about it. The Volvo had a 3-speed automatic transmission that would skip 2nd gear, electrical problems that caused the alternator to die in the middle of a busy freeway late at night and a pathetically weak engine that would only go 85mph downhill. On top of that, the car got only 15mpg. Also it was not a chick magnet. Needless to say I do not miss that boxy beast.
I have the 240 Wagon and this is my daily driver, it has 230k miles and it doesn't appear to want to stop anytime soon. The regular upkeep is not too bad, it seems like some stuff wears out often, like the suspension and brakes. My daughter will be driving in a few years and I hope to keep it so she can have it for her first car.
I had too many problems with my Volvo 240 wagon. It had starting problems, the ball joints wore out, and the a/c blower fan didn't work. I only had it for a few months and had to sell it, I couldn't find a good mechanic too fix the starting problems.