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Q: Two questions: 1- tire rotation, 2-tire wear and replacement. on 2007 Honda Ridgeline

Two questions: 1-when getting a tire rotation at Costco the salesperson would only rotate back to front saying the sensor for the tires would not (comunicate), this is not what the manual recomends. who is right?
2-If a tire is damaged and needs replacement why do all four tires need replacing? The truck is four wheel drive,but is never put in that mode.
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Honda sensors (on the Ridgeline) do not care where they are on the vehicle and they do NOT need reprogramming unless replaced (then they need to be 're-learned' by the control unit. The Ridgeline is not 4wheel's FULL-TIME ALL WHEEL drive , unless you got a 2 wheel drive version (very few) and then it's front wheel drive.It is recommended that tires be replaced in pairs(front or rear axle).CHECK your OWNERS MANUAL for detailed explanation............and Doodlems' correct about 'directional' tires and #2 explanation about uneven tires.............
1 - The sensors in the tires can go anywhere but need to be reprogrammed to the vehicle on where they are at. Some vehicles only let the customer know a tire is low but not which tire. Some vehicles tell the driver the Left Front tire is low. The second type the tires can be rotated to any position and have the computer reset on where the sensors are. Now some tires are directional and can only be one side of the car due to how the tire needs to rotate.

2 - Depending on how much life is left on the tires it may be time for four new tires. You can also run into issues with a low tread / bald tire and a new tire creating problems with internal gears in front and/or rear ends and transmissions (front wheel drive) as well as possibly creating a pull due to the size differences from a new tire and bald tire.
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