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2005 nissan altima
Three weeks ago my car wouldn't start. It already was starting funny but now it wouldn't start at all. Found out the camshaft sensor was out. Got it replaced. Then my car starting acting funny again and wouldn't start. So I take it to the dealership. They had for three days and when I pick up, they tell me that the head gasket might go. As soon as I start it there is so much white smoke coming from the back. I try to drive it and everytime I accelerate there is the smoke. does this mean I need to replace the head gasket .
Back in aug is when my car started to over heat but I thought I fixed the problem. I am just upset that all the places I took it to that this got missed.
We can't find the location of my 2005 Nissan Altima SL. Can anyone help me please?
Got a hair bow stuck in it
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Can't insert key
Transmission will not engage. Mechanic recommends replacement of alternator and battery because it could affect performance of the transmission.
When putting the car in reverse it made a clunk noise, tried a couple more times with same noise. I also noticed the 'service engine' light was on. Later in the day, didn't make the noise, however light still on.

Went to leave work couple days later, took couple attempts to get it started, when pressing gas pedal to the floor would only do about 20 mpg, after driving a little ways it finally started picking up speed.
I'm looking to buy this car, when moving steering wheel side to side only drivers side wheels moves, passengerside is stuck inwards, the guy said he hit a curb and he broke the axle, please help
the car jerks when drive and slow down
After putting in cool air intake on my 2005 nissan altima, shortly after there was a rattling on right side of car and steering wheel became very hard to steer
My 2008 nissan altima will not start today and I kept smelling gas, I just installed a new fuel pump and went thru the proper steps after installing the fuel pump and what not. Well my car will still not start. When trying to start it, the engine sounds like it is trying to start for a split second after about 7 or 8 cranks but then just keeps cranking. I can hear the fuel pump when I turn ignition on. Can someone please tell me what is going on here?
i am wondering if the blue smoke could be a ring and i was wondering how much it might cost to fix?
Car won't start I replaced cam and crank shaft sensors still won't start check all fues
I clean the throttle body and mass air sensor due to codes po5507 and po102 but when I started car the rpm bounce up and down I did the re-train mode but no luck I took it to a local shop and they saids is my mass airflow sensor has a wiring problem and it cost to fix $500.00 I work on cars but not good with electric stuff
I have the p1124 code which is a relay I change it, then turned on the car it worked but after firing 3 -4 times it showed up again I replaced the throttle body also could anybody help me out
When I turn on the AC, the c e light stops flashing and the car runs fine,
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