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Q: New pads/rotors brakes making a scraping or rubbing sound. What could cause this on 2000 Infiniti I30

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Be kind im a boot to repairing things on my vehicle!

I changed my rear pads/rotors on my 2000 infiniti I30 and when I am driving by buildings or anything like that it sounds like the rotor is scraping or rubbing against pads (when I am not braking), these are the steps I did to get the job done.
***I purchased the "Weaver Silver Brake pads"
1. opened the cap for the brake fluid
2. broke the lugs no the vehicle.
3. lifted the vehicle
4. removed the rim
5. removed the bolts from the brake caliper
6. removed the caliper from rotor
7. took off the old brake pads
8. removed the bracket that the caliper mounts to0
9. removed the rotor
10. cleaned and mounted old rotor
11. Installed the caliper bracket.
12. Aplied brake quite to new pads
13. installed the new pads (metal clip sticking out of the pads facining inwards)
14. Compressed the piston with the proper tool. (spun the piston until the caliper would easily fit over new pads)
15. fit the caliper over new pads

**** Does there need to be equal space between each side of the pads and rotor or does that not really matter?

16. Installed the two remaining bolts for the caliper
17. re- installed the tire.
18. lowered the vehicle
19. Put the cap on the brake fluid and then did the brake in proccess for my brakes.
Please advise if I did anything wrong or completely missed something.
Thanks you

If I turn it by hand it sounds like it rubs or scrapes in one spot. I have a video of what it sounds like at speeds if anyone needs it let me know.
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Could be a rub from the backing plate, could be due to type and quality of pads/rotors. What did you clean the rotors with? Did you do any break in? Some/many vehicle and brake manufactures REQUIRE brake friction to rotor/drum initial break/wear in or new brake can or often will wear out sooner, make more noise than normal or even fail prematurely. Break in for most vehicle takes 15 to 30 minutes and consists of 30 to 50 stops with very light braking from speeds of 30 to 50 MPH with 30 seconds between each stop for cooling.
I used CRC disk brake quiet, If I applied it to the front of the pads (part that actully makes contact with rotor) will it destroy the pads or can I pull them off and spray the pads off with brake cleaner?
My best guess is that they are contaminated and I have to get new ones but I hope this isn't true.
I'm going to try and get new pads tonight and replace them and scrub down the news rotors with brake cleaner and see if this repairs my failed attempt to do it myself. Ill post here if this fixes my problem, Thank you to everyone that replied to this and sorry if I wasted your time.
Will do thank you, another quick question, when I put the caliper back on do I need equal space between the rotor and both pads... Thanks again, just wanting to be sure I did mess anything else up.
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both pads should be the same thickness, after installing and pumping brake pedal to bleed caliper should self center. Always open bleeder screw when compressing (or on some rear screwing) caliper pistons in. If you do not not you risk damaging ABS or master cylinder check valves or seals.
Another thin I forgot to mention about the sound is that its a rythmic sound, Some of the things I've read about saying that the wheel bearing is starting to go out. I took off the wheels brake calipers and rotor and spun just the hub and it made humming sound, I dont know if thats normal? When I re-installed the rotors,pads,calipers and bled the system reset the master cylender I went back and spun it by hand I could hear it scraping on one part of the rotor. Would a faulty wheel bearng cause my rotor to spin off center and and inturn causing part of it to scrap against the pads? I have brand new rear rotors on my car so I would hope they aren't warped.

Thanks in advance for everyones help.
I have a video of what it sounds like from my car when I'm driving, if you can give me an email or phone number I can send it to let me know.
I believe I found out the issue I am having, When I put the disk brake quiet on I applied it to the front of the pad (the part that makes contact with rotor) and not the rear. If this is the reason I'm having my brake squeaking I will surely find the nearest window and lick away.
I used CRC disk brake quiet, If I applied it to the front of the pads (part that actully makes contact with rotor) will it destroy the pads or can I pull them off and spray the pads off with brake cleaner?
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