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Master Service Repair General Management-Accredited Master Automotive Manager(AMAM).ASE Certified A1 Engine Repair, A2 Automatic Transmission/Transaxle,A3 Manual Drive Train & Axles,A4 Suspension & Steering,A5 Brakes,A6 Electrical/Electronic Systems,A7 Heating & Air Conditioning,A8 Engine Performance,A9 Light Vehicle Diesel Eng,B2 Painting & Refinishing,B3 Non-Structural Analysis & Repair,B4 Structural Analysis & Repair,B5 Mechanical & Electrical Components,B6 Damage Analysis & Estimating,C1 Automobile Service Consultant,F1 Compressed Natural Gas Vehicle,L1 Automobile Advanced Engine Performance,L2 Electronic Diesel Eng Diagnosis,L3 Light Duty Hybrid/Electric Vehicles,P2 Automobile Parts,T1 Gasoline Eng,T2 Diesel Eng,T3 Drive Train,T4 Brakes,T5 Suspension & Steering,T6 Electrical/Electronic Systems,T7 HV & Air Conditioning,T8 Preventive Maintenance & Inspection,X1 Exhaust Systems,State Inspector,Inspector/Investigator behalf of Warranty/Insurance/BBB,Manufacturers & Legal Arbitration
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