Q: Key won't turn in ignition, ignition locked, but key will come out on 2004 Chevrolet Impala

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I took everything apart and all wires are good, fuses good. So I guess I'll have to get new ignition lock cylinder, but would the lock cylinder cause the problem w shifter nob not popping out all the way? I also noticed that my battery (positive) screw is stripped so I put a charger on it and noticed there is no charge on positive side. Would that cause all the problems?
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If it's a floor shift, talking about knob, the shift linkage might need adjusted so it will go all the way in lock position. The key not turning is most likely a worn key, or lock cylinder. Very hard to remove if the key won't turn. If key is worn you can get a replacement at the Dealer with your title as proof of ownership.
Thank u and i did try a spare key and it still wouldnt turn, but I read that its almost impossible to change cylinder when u cant turn key to acc or on position, so I gonna go get a key from dealership see if maybe luck will strike me.
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