Ford F-250 Super Duty Problem Report

Ford F-250 Super Duty Coolant Leak from Radiator

(64 reports)

A coolant leak from the radiator can be caused by a defective thermostat bypass. This can cause pressure spikes in the cooling system, which leads to radiator failure. The thermostat assembly and radiator should be replaced.

Radiator leak near bottom left at the radiato and plasti side.. 800 at least for a radiator, not installed.. Why won't ford stand up and fix the obvious problems they know about.. -
Radiator leaking and Ford wont stand up and do what's right. They know there is problem here and still wont issue a recall. This is the first Ford I've ever bought and will be the last. My solution, trade it off for a Chevy. I don't really want to give the government any more money but I sure wont buy an import. -
Notice coolant puddle under drivers front side bumper. Went to Ford dealer. Was advised at 2 separate dealerships that I needed a new radiator installed. Had it replaced as advised. Service tech said they had seen others like this, but normally around 70k miles. $1500.00 kick in the nuts for a 3 year old truck. -
leak driver side lower radiator. For the amount of money paid for this truck at least make a solid cooler, cost cuts to manufacture and still sell the trucks at an outrageous price. Ford you should be ashamed. This is why made in the USA doesn't account for crap anymore. -
Three weeks after my last camping trip my truck is sitting in my driveway and starts to leak from the radiator. Went to the local Ford Dealer and they told me I need a new radiator. -
4"the rad going in original ford parts suck which they have an after market all metal -
slowly used antifreeze for 3 years. It became a real problem this month. Still waiting for it. I was told a bad radiator hose for $375.00. I have never heard of a radiator hose going bad in three years esp. when thats where you look for leaks. I am going to question the repair. it caal for replacement of the radiator and egr valve. not hose. Am i being Hosed -
leak on bottom of radiator drivers side started at 71k -
I am now at 291000 miles and looking for a radiator that will not leak this will be #6 ford you may chase me to a cummins product please fix this. that is 3500 dollars worth of radiators. bull shit mfrom Big Daddy Burns -
Second radiator leak, same front side, drivers, near bumper. Came out for lunch, puddle under the truck this time. Ford says it will be my problem to solve in next go around (I will be out of 36K mile bumper to bumper). This will be the third radiator. Price to fix, $1700.00 -
Coolant leaking front drivers side -
Radiator leak, dealer stating it has to be replaced for $1700.00. This is going to hurt! No way should a radiator be replaced at 42000 miles! -
Leaking radiator as others noted. Ford won't help!!! -
Dealer haut informed me I need a new radiator. Leaking from the side tank. A class action law suit should be addressed if Ford won't fix this known $1500 problem. This is mind blowing that I spent this money and less than three years the radiator which is a patented part must be replaced. Someone needs to make one that is more dependable! Disgusted and shopping for a new Chevy or dodge -
Noticed small leak, went to the dealer, was informed the radiator was cracked. $1900 to repair. I urge all owners with this problem to report to -
Replaced Radiator And Hoses At 87000 Mi. -
Small leak in radiator. Do not understand why Ford has not recalled since this is obviously a consistent issue with their trucks! -
We have 4-2012 Ford f-250 diesels in our company and 3 of them have developed the leaking radiator problem.Ford will not do the right thing and replace under warranty,I will look at Chevy trucks when we go to replace -
Pin leak with 60,000 miles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????????? Had to have radiator replaced!! -
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