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On the way to work my Traverse started to hesitate and the engine started to sputter after getting on the express way. looking at the dash board warnings started flashing on the screen. traction control is off, then traction control is on, no oil pressure stop engine, then check engine light came on, then the screen went back to normal, then the low air pressure light came on and then the change oil light came on. as i pulled over to the side of the road the engine stopped, and the lights dimmed. once the vehicle stopped, I put the car in park, and tried to start the engine and it would not turn over, and the lights dimmed. After getting the car home I changed the battery, and then tried to restart the car, and it would not turn over. all it would do is hum and the lights would dim.
Shifts high and then kicks the power reduced on
When turn the key the ignition turns but not quickly. Also when backing up seems to take more gas to do so higher reving sound. I just bout this suv and have a limited warrenty so would like to know if this is going to be something more major down the road.
No noise air worked great for about a week after I bought it. Bought used with 82000 miles. Then the front would work time to time. Rear works great. Now fronto air doesn't work at all. Nothing blows out on the dashboard and at the feet it blows out but not very much if at all.
Replaced both the front and back evaporators. Find no leaks with the detector. At the end of my rope. I had it filled Friday evening and Saturday am it was out air blows hot.

Anyone have a suggestion?
Car has loud noise coming from what seems like the engine. Car shut off burnt up the starter. Had starter replaced only to have the car shut off and not restart. Starter will turn over engine but seems a bit labored
This only happens after car sits for a long period of time (like 8 hours or so), lasts only a few seconds then sounds normal. I can shut it off and restart it after a minute of idling and there is no noise. The noise is prominent on the upper right side of the engine, as you are standing in front of the vehicle. It is not throwing any codes related to the engine. Only transmission fluid pressure switch codes.
Makes a bit of a thud over bumps
how much to replace the timing cover gasket
Car runs great and starts every time. The last two times after refueling it has not started. it sounds like it is struggling to start.
Windows on drivers panel won't go up and down when bitten is engaged
I've been having problems with the front end differential we were told it was a recall but found out it had already been taken in for that so stop fixed it now it's making a ticking noise when you accelerate and its not as peppy as it was when I first bought it last September
The OEM harness has a strange connector not the normal 7 blade or 6 pin
Got in the Traverse yesterday, turned on the air conditioner immediately full blast. Smoke came from under the hood in the very front, and noise, was the system hard pressed because it didn't warm for a minute?
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