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Q: Can I change the wire control cable from my shifter to the transmission? on 2003 Honda Insight

It is almost impossible to move the gear selection lever! Honda wants $300 to change it! Plus the part about $135. I have access to a car lift.
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Thanks. What I really need is how to ideas. Does it need to be on a lift and does it come up through the shifter select inside the car so need to take the shifter lever handle off or is it attached from underneath to the shifter? I would love to find a online shop manual to show me the proceedure. Is there any such diagram? Part diagrams don't show the actuall attachment points. Thanks.
First suggestion is to remove the air cleaner housing and diconnect cable from lever on CVT.Keep all clips and washers in order!. with cable released from trans make sure the symptom is still there . If not the cable is not the issue. If it is then disconnect the battery (make sure you have radio code) and remove the front console (around the shifter) and put shifter in reverse (use shift-lock by-pass button for this).....Remove shift cable nut.....rotate cable housing a 1/4 turn 'til tab is facing you and remove from bracket....under dash remove shift cable bracket......steps 6,7,8, already done (air cleaner & disconnect cable from linkage) ...remove grommet from firewall and remove cable..... check that shifter is still in reverse on the control lever on trans....with new cable routed cable to shift lever on trans....connect battery and turn on key... verify shift indicator is showing 'r'...if necessary push shift cable til 'r' light up.....turn ignition off.....insert a 6mm. pin into bracket base positioning hole (on pass. side at front of housing) housing into bracket & cable on shifter bolt...twist and lock housing back into position.....MAKE SURE the square end of retaining stud is in cable properly and tighten....remove 'lock' pin from housing...turn on key and make sure it goes through all positions indicating the proper selection.Make sure it ONLY starts in 'P' or 'N'....jack up front end (wheels well off ground) and with it running check for proper response..... re-install front console cover. Hopefully this made sense and helped. HAVE PATIENCE and good luck.
Thanks! That is sure detailed! Hope you get a laugh you lost me at air cleaner housing!! I will have to look at my Insight and see how that applies but I will blindly abide. I will get started as soon as my part arrives and let you know how it goes. I did it and it was easy! Glad I didn't let Honda get my $300 just for labor. The problem was not the cable but where it connected to the shifter on the transmission! Some how my battery had leaked acid on that very spot and rusted the cable to this little rod. So it couldn't twist to shift. That was the hard part getting that off so had to destroy the cable by cutting it as it was impossible to budge. I had to get my strong nephew to twist it repeatedly until it finally worked loose. And yeah I got the air cleaner part once I lifted the hood. Thanks!
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