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Q: at what mileage should I change the timing belt for a 2006 Honda accord V6 3.0.? on 2006 Honda Accord

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at what mileage and the age of the car? do we have to get the water pump and the full service or can we just get the belt changed?
Hondas' rec. at 105K or 7 years (some dealers have there own signs printed with different intervals) , along with water pump and t-belt tensioner (if showing signs of seepage). At 105K the spark plugs are also due. Cams (2) and crank seal should be inspected and replaced if any seepage (or if you just don't want to worry for another 105K. Accessory drive belts should also be included. Accessory drive belt tensioner may also be recommended if showing signs of weakening(belt chirping /worse with A/C on). Use your shop of choice (prefferably based on quality of work , not price) , but I would recommend Honda PARTS for all of the maint./repair work done. I would also rec. trans fluid DRAIN& FILL ONLY (Honda ATF) and brake fluid flush , if not done in the last 30-40K (prevention only , but worth it).
so what if we got a 2006 with 70,000 miles on it?, is it time for the timing belt to be changed? can we get by with just changing the belt if everything else looks good? or is it mandatory for us to get the whole service done? will it run normal if we just get the belt changed?
will it be okay if I wait a few months before I get the timing belt changed? I have to save up the money. So do you think it will be okay if I drive it for about two or three more months then get it done?
but if everything else looks good(water pump, tensior, seals) could I just get the belt changed and be all right?
If I am not mistaken majority of the cost is for how labor intensive it is to remove everything and then put it all back together. So if you don't do it all at one time then it is in reality going to cost you even more. So if your belt is still working you more than likely would save yourself money if you just saved up enough to get the "package" they also do a few other things if I remember right. Mine is about due up, and I haven't decided on whether or not I'm going to do it myself. I also need to adjust the valves, which compared to the timing belt should be a breeze. I was always worried about doing a timingbelt, but with the help of YouTube, and helpful websites I've done so many things I never thought I could do before. It's amazing how much cost goes in to labor, DIY saves you a ton of money, plus gives you something to brag about.
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