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Q: 1997 toyota rav4 new timing belt wont start how do i aline the marks for it? on 1997 Toyota RAV4

every time i line it up and try to start it the belt will always skip a tooth or be to lose where are the marks for the timing belt located at how do i aline them ?????
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You need a buddy to help you set the tension. It won't do any good to line the marks if the belt keeps slipping. Good thing it's not a Honda, VW, Mitsubishi, etc.
Check youtube for video! Google it first you should have choices!! *** I dont see how you can ask for more than a video that shows exactly what to do!!!!***
Make sure you didn't put the belt guide on backwards, also did you use a new spring or kept the old one? There are two timing mark, one is on camshaft sprocket it's a small hole on it you have to align when you are set at TDC, the other mark is on the crankshaft pulley there's a notch on the outside that you alight with the markings on the cover. You can do it alone if you pull the idler pulley with the spring as far back as possible and tighten the bolt, once you get the belt in break bolt slowly and it should apply tension to the belt. New belts are stiff you might have to play around with it a little, also compare it to the old one. Parts guys don't always give you the correct parts
When I took off my old timing belt the tensioner was broken I replaced all of that but it still won't start
Best bet is to go thru it again, must likely your timing is off since you didn't know where the alignment marks were. Set it to TDC (compression stroke) align the marks put the belt on let go of the tensioner but don't tighten it yet. Rotate the crankshaft 1 7/8 revolutions until you get the 45 degree mark, now tighten the tensioner, rotate another 2 1/8 which will put you back at TDC now recheck your alignment mark they should be on spot, if not repeat again. Make sure belt guide cupped side is facing out. Also since you had to take out the sparkplug wires make sure they are in the right firing order. Check all electrical connections crankshaft sensor, ground wires ect.
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