Volvo 960 Problem Report

Volvo 960 Knocking Noise From Front Suspension

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The sway bar bushings commonly wear out, causing a knocking noise from the front of the vehicle. Replacing the worn bushings should correct this concern.

Knocking sound. Changed struts and lower control arm bushings. Still present: will change sway arm bushings. -
Went over 2 larger speed bumps in a parking lot and immediately the car started knocking. the handling of the car is not compromised and being that its so old, i don't see the point of fixing it. Might get a second opinion other than my own. -
Part worn out - rubber cracked. Rattled and noise when driving. Replaced - all is well :) -
Have had this same problem but have not changed sway bar bushings yet to see if that resolves it. -
knocking front end when hitting bumps -
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