GMC 1500 Pickup Problem Report

GMC 1500 Pickup Windshield Wipers May Fail Due to Faulty Wiper Motor Control Board

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The windshield wipers may not work intermittently due to a faulty wiper motor control board. Our technicians tell us that lightly taping on the wiper motor when the fault occurs should temporarily get the wipers working again. Some vehicles were recalled for this problem and some were not. You will need to check with your local dealer to find out if a specific vehicle was included.

Wipers started to fail intermittently, and now don't work at all. -
It used to be you could tap the wiring harness that plugs into the side of the wiper motor and it'd start back up. Now they only turn on if the temperature is below 20 degrees, and once the truck warms up--they will quit. You get the buzzing/humming, also the wiring harness wiggles probably a centimeter fore & aft... I don't think it supposed to do that. Mechanics want to charge $150+ to fix it... apparently the part is only $40-50.00 at O'Rielly's/AutoZone. -
When turned on my wipers stop and start on full running or intermittent . What controls this type thing??? And where is it on the truck? Thanks Tim Williams anderson sc -
The wipers will work one time. The next, they won't. Then they will work. Very difficult to trouble shoot. -
some times the wipers work fine then the next day they won't work at all -
Windshield wipers will start and not turn off. You have to turn off ignition and they stop where ever they are. Start the truck again and sometime they will cycle an return to the off position. They do not like to work in the rain. So entires in the wash mode. At first if you taped the motor they would work. -
replaced the wiper control board twice. Issue still remains -
Same problem no solution yet -
same exact problem.who ever rides passager in my truck has to be the one too get out in the rain and tap on my would bo nice to find out if my truck was one recalled.then maybe my friends will ride with me more. thank - you -
cracked control board -
wipers come on but work the way they want doesn't shut off in the right position. -
Was satisfied by GM warranty repair -
Wipers were intermittent or would completely stop. Diagnosed and repaired by mechanic. -
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