Buick Regal Problem Report

Buick Regal Engine Overheating Due to Water Pump Leak

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The water pump may develop a coolant leak resulting in an engine overheating condition.


I loose a lot of cooling fluid when car is parked all the sudden a big amount of cooling fluid come shooting out on the front driver side my mechanic has no idea what it can be so I hope to find some answers myself don't want to ruin something else in the car -
leaking coolant under pump. Replace pump diagnosis. -
My car just over heating and the mechanic said it probably the problem. -
coolant leaking and engine overheating. trying to find a diagram of the engine before we fix it. -
Water pump leaking causing belt squeaking. Will replace. -
Something very similar was happening to me. Just driving last summer when my low coolant light came on. Could not figure out why until I had it confirmed I had a bad water pump leak. Simple fix was to replace the water pump (cost me 35$ for the part). But watch out, the coolant that was leaking started to mess up the serpentine belt and I had to get that replaced as well otherwise it completely destroy it. -
Coolant leaks that cause engine to over-heat and steam to come out under hood, on passenger side. -
I have an hold in my water pump Frm the engine overheating. -
belt making noise -
Coolant is leaking out of the water pump and engine is overheating. Engine has been using 1 qt of oil for every three fill -ups. -
havent fixed it yet, but my car started making weird noises so I took it in and it's the water pump leaking onto the belt. -
diagnostic showed that i need to replace the water pump. The mechanic said it was leaking. got it replaced and it been good since. -
Leak before water pump was replaced, Replaced water pump now it leaks worse. -
debating on wheather to fix or sell>>>? -
Coolant has been leaking for 2 years. It is cheeper to buy more coolant than to repair. -
Water pump gasket had worn out and was leaking coolant causing the engine to overheat. I removed the water pump and replaced with a new one from auto zone. It was a hassle getting to some of the bolts and the serpentine belt had to be removed for access. -
is not fixed yet -
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