Buick Park Avenue Problem Report

Buick Park Avenue Engine Overheating Due to Water Pump Leak

(24 reports)

The water pump may develop a coolant leak resulting in an engine overheating condition.


Car all of a sudden starting having antifreeze disaperance? then one day car overheats out of blue, antifreeze all over ground, suspected water pump, in shop now. -
Water pump leaking coolant. Engine overheats and it is chewing up serpentine belts. -
Replaced pump and the leakage had eroded serpentine belt so had to replace it at the same time. Had to have the car towed to the shop, it just quit and I was lucky enough to roll it around a corner off of busy street. The hot warning came on a couple of times, but the water level in the radiator was normal (or so I thought) and the light would go off. Had it checked...eveyything is okay. Not! When the Buick dealer fixed it, my gas gauge needle flipped under the pegs. Turned around and took it straight back, They said they didn't do it, but it was fine before having that work done. Occasionlly it still flips under if I am below 2/3 tank of gas. I drilled a little hole in the plastic and stick a lond darning needle in and flip it back up. -
can see steam emitting from water pump @ gasket. also can hear gurgling noises from interior of vehicle. lost a lot of antifreeze after driving. -
water pump leak.. Replaced pump $380 cost at break masters -
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