2011 Volkswagen Jetta Recalls

Suspension & Steering,October 20, 2014
RepairPal Expert Overview:

If a rear suspension trailing arm becomes bent, its durability may be compromised and it could break unexpectedly. If this were to occur vehicle control would be affected, increasing the risk of a crash. When parts become available, dealers will install a sheet metal inlay on each of the rear axle trailing arms to prevent sudden loss of vehicle control should a rear trailing arm suddenly break.

Exhaust & Emissions,September 7, 2011
RepairPal Expert Overview:

A stainless steel exhaust tip installed after production may extend beyond the original length of the factory-installed exhaust pipe. It's possible for inadvertent contact to occur, which could cause a burn. Dealers will replace the stainless steel exhaust tip as necessary to correct this concern. The Volkswagen recall number is 26G8/U3.


Electrical & Lights,March 25, 2011
RepairPal Expert Overview:

The "converter" box is protected by the same fuse as the horn and anti-theft system alarm. If this fuse were to blow, power would be lost to the "converter" box. As a result, the engine management computer, lights, and wipers would all stop functioning. What all this means is the engine could stall without warning, increasing the risk of a crash. Dealers will separate the wiring for the horn and anti-theft system from the power supply to the "converter" box and route the wires to separate fuses. Due to an insufficient quantity of repair kits, this recall is not expected to begin until May, 2011.