Various Interior Trim Parts May Peel on BMW 745Li

There are reports of various interior trim parts peeling including center console buttons, storage tray buttons, door sill entry covers, b-pillar trims, and kick panels.

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Average mileage: 86,850 (23,000–165,231)
4 model years affected: 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005
44 people reported this problem
21 people shared problem details
2005 BMW 745Li115,000
Foot panels on floor are peeling just like everyone else has described.
2005 BMW 745Li57,000
door sills are peeling
2004 BMW 745Li90,000
At the time of purchase, apparent pealing of interior trim throughout car.
2002 BMW 745Li165,231
It appears that the new car prep people forgot to peel the plastic protective covering off of the chrome strips on the door panels. over time it is peeling and unsightly. How and where do you get this fixed. I have had the car since new!
2003 BMW 745Li23,000
The rocker trim has peeled off
2002 BMW 745Li140,000
All of the buttons that you touch in the car are peeling. Even the floor panels are peeling and behind the seat
2004 BMW 745Li64,000
interior trim is peeling
2004 BMW 745Li71,000
Kick Panels
2005 BMW 745Li57,000
Door sill cover trim is peeling and unsightly
2004 BMW 745Li83,000
Kick panels are pealing
2003 BMW 745Li80,000
peeling on the kick panels
2004 BMW 745Li75,000
Various Interior Trim Parts Peeling
2003 BMW 745Li80,000
console, door sil and ligt button are pil off
2002 BMW 745Li85,000
My kick plates are peeling the color off.
2003 BMW 745Li100,000
My kick panels on both sides as well as the panels under the B and C pillars and along the door sills are peeling badly.
peeling door sills, kick panel and buttons on the arm rest, leaking steering rack, leakinf valve covers and front timing cover, bass speaker cracking sometimes dont come on, safety belt and airbag lamps on dash stays iluminated, Jeessss, and the list goes on and on nothing but a headache! but a fun car to drive, luckily i have an other vehicle to drive
no solution but both door entry panels are peeling
2003 BMW 745Li120,000
Mine as well Had them all repainted by a touch up dude in Sarasota. Perfect!
2004 BMW 745Li72,000
button paint coming off
2005 BMW 745Li100,000
Door panel screws covers
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