Volvo S80 Problem Report

Volvo S80 Transmission Shifting Issues Due to Internal Failure and/or Software Issues

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The automatic transmission may develop shifting problems and/or the Check Engine Light may illuminate due to internal component failure and/or software issues. It is always best to be sure the transmission control module has the latest software installed when any major transmission repair is performed.

The gear shift often gets stuck in the "park" position and will not budge. -
Transmission service urgent message came up. Low oil pressure warning also came on . Stopped car , shut off engine and checked engine oil level , and it was perfect in safe area. Restarted car oil warning went out and transmission seemed normal . Then suddenly transmission while in drive will not down shift either automatically or manually. Any ideas? -
will not up-shift from 2d to 3d normally, but if I can really slowly increase the speed sometimes it will shift and then be OK till I have to stop for something. Later I learned to pull over, shut off engine, restart and then do the slow sneak up. Dealer said "new xmsn for $4710 and new control computer for $700" -
transmission light on and software issues -
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