Volvo 940 Problem Report

Volvo 940 Transmission Overdrive Relay May Fail

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The transmission overdrive relay often fails, preventing the transmission from shifting into overdrive

when accelerating, cannot get the car to go over 40mph,and the transmission will not shift. There is an arrow light on, on the dashboard, when turning turbo on, cannot tell if the turbo engine is on, except for the fact it will go to 45mph. -
Tranny fails to upshift into overdrive,at all. -
92 Volvo 940 GL Transmission won't shift up into high (overdrive?)If I continue driving, at 14 miles it will finally shift. Last summer when it was hot it would begin shifting up right away. Jim -
had this rolem.replaced relay still no shift -
2004 Volvo 940 GL-Top gasket -
Same issue with the transmission overdrive. Bought the car 2 years ago from a private party, and it starting acting up about 3 months after I purchased vehicle. -
Intermittent won't shift into overdrive, not fixed yet... -
Transmission overdrive relay may fail -
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