Jaguar X-Type Problem Report

Jaguar X-Type Transmission Failure Common

(21 reports)

Premature automatic transmission failure is common. Diagnoses of the fault will be necessary to determine if repair or replacement is the proper repair.

Car started hesitating between shifts, then jerking between gears. Then it stopped after I hard accelerated thru the gears, using the sport shift or gas pedal floored and allowd the car to go thru the gears. It then worked perfectly for about 2 weeks. Then it suddenly started totally losing ALL gears, had to pull over, wait for a a cool down. Then it was limped about 2 miles into a garage, where it lost reverse. HELP!!! -
My vehicle is no longer able to reverse. -
Transmission failed as well as the transfer case. Makes no sense after 41,000 miles to have this kind of failure. -
car making loud humming noise in rear area -
I put the car in reverse and it would not go...made a revving noise as I pressed the gas pedal...would only stop and about 10 feet. Forward was no problem. No warning, no symptoms....mechanic says I need a new transmission. $3700 on a 13 year old car...(I bought it in 2001) -
my 2003 Jaguar X-Type won't excel over 5 mph. This car is never driven as this is my 3rd car. I'm concerned that I might need a new transmission. -
leak in transmisson k and w stop leak put in sealed transmission works great -
car made a rubbing sound then slipped out of gear. Now it will not go into gear at all. even moves when in park -
It needs a transmition -
The car started with a gearbox fault within 2 days of purchacing. The the car would go into a limp mode and you would have to pull over and shut the car off and it would start again, until it started saying engine fault. Turns out now we need to have the transmission replaced. The car will only go in reverse. -
Within two days, my car's transfer case failed completely rendering the car inop. Dealer quotes only new, 3600 + 6.5 labor hours. The cost of repair is higher than the value of the vehicle. -
Transmission failure while drivng. The fourth gear wAS DESCRUBED TO HAVE "DISNITIGRATED" Had to relace entire transmission. Dealer wanted me to pay 6000$ for repair in spite of there being a service advisory fro my make, year and model for exact same problem. Paid 3600$ at a very reputable shop instead. -
Does not move like befor -
Transmission case broke, so car won't drive. It's in the shop now, along with a $1,500 repair bill!!! -
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