Jaguar S-Type Problem Report

Jaguar S-Type Transmission Failure Common

(41 reports)

Premature automatic transmission failure is common. Diagnoses of the fault will be necessary to determine if repair or replacement is the proper repair.

Problem: Vehicle shifts hard from 1st to 2nd and also from 4th to 5th (overdrive) when using a "Heavy Foot" on the gas. Under slight pedal, it shifts fine between 1st and 2nd, but always "bumps" into OD? No warning lights until last week. Problem first started at 97,950 miles... Currently at 98,998 miles with no change in problem? Instrument panel (odometer display area) now shows "Transmission Fault Warning". Haven't had the car looked at to determine the problem, but this is the only issue the car has given me since I bought it? FYI 3.0 V-6 Sport Model. -
Transission fault shows local service station indicates a preessure soliniod failure. Is this an expensive cost ? Thank you billzoha@verizonnet -
late model2002-03 jaguar S-type with transmission stuck in park it also had a burning smell while driving that day it got stuck park. check!everything carefully! -
I am so fed up with this transmission fault. It's been in shop for months at a time I wouldn't refer this vehicle to my worst enemy if I had one. -
Needed new transmission. Rebuilt it with updated parts. -
Seems like the car is put in limp mode and is only operating in one gear. Probably 3rd. Funny smell also may be transmission fluid burning? -
Harsh shift into 6th. a thump. -
Transmission had to be replaced. -
transmission failed -
Tranny had to be rebuilt. -
Runs great until I get up to about 50mph then it says transmission fault and no 4th gear. -
jerks and grind when gears change -
Had transmission rebuilt still isn't pulling right it moves but the motor racing -
Gearbox Fault Light on and Car will not shift out of second. Shut car off and all resets. Also shifts hard from 1st to second -
Problem started in 2007 when it had 56000 miles on it. Use manual to work around problem. Now at 170000 mi. -
tranny devlopes erratic shifting between 4th and drive yellow fault light comes on indicating gear failing. How ever tranny runs fine if shifted manualy. -
When I enguage the gear into drive it smoothly enters but my jag won't move. And can hear a scratchy sound under the engine where the gear box is located at the center. And when I fire it tries to move slowly but ain't . -
Went to drive car after church. Car jerked a bit and wouldn't go past 35 miles per hour. Felt like the car was red lining when it shouldn't. Car has new transmission 3 months ago. Feels like it won't shift past 3rd gear. Automatic 3.0 V6 S-Type. Need to get this fixed ASAP. -
Faulty gear box -
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