Transmission Failure Common on Mazda 626

Premature automatic transmission failure is common. Diagnoses of the fault will be necessary to determine if repair or replacement is the proper repair.

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Average mileage: 130,818 (16,000–230,000)
Drive Train affected: Automatic Transmission
8 model years affected: 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, more1999, 2000, 2001, 2002
45 people reported this problem
30 people shared problem details
2000 Mazda 626- Automatic Transmission144,000
car will not move forward or back,rev engine does nothing-shifted perfect, parked for one hr, now will not shift, also power windows do not operate, they did prior to parking.
2000 Mazda 626- Automatic Transmission189,000
09/14/2015 - Driving down the road on lunch the car started hesitating from stop to go. Made it back to work and let it sit for 4 hours. Leaving work I was able to reverse out of my parking spot but no forward gears work. Hard shifted from Park to Drive and nothing. Shifted into lower gears D1, D2 and slowly moved forward. Replaced transmission completely (from a junkyard transmission) and same problem still exists. New Fluids and torque converter were installed. Could have pulled a transmission with the same problem or I just wasted about $150. Possible electrical issue?
1996 Mazda 626- Automatic Transmission82,000
The auto trans in this car is a complete piece of crap. It literally went through it's original trans, a replacement, and a rebuild in less then 6 months. I found out after all of this that the auto trans is the same one that comes in the Ford Taurus of that time frame and it failed repeatedly in that car as well. If you buy one of these cars make sure you get the manual transmission or avoid it like the plague.
2000 Mazda 626- Automatic Transmission106,000
Transmission failed and the only working gears were 1st thru 2nd and Reverse. Warranty covered the replacement, however the rebuilt replacement also has issues. Specifically overly firm shifting.
2001 Mazda 626- Automatic Transmission168,000
Transmission wants to rev up And at times slips reverse I bought it and raised the RPMS and tranny fuild changed and it helped But now it wants to kick and speed up a little not sure how to fix or what it is Do I need it rebuilt I Also had a sound like something losse The big problem mazda u need to recall the seat belts those belts are so not car ready Let me know
1997 Mazda 626- Automatic Transmission127,000
2000 Mazda 626- Automatic Transmission53,000
Bought new, problem started within a month of purchase... manifested by an abnormal delay when shifting from reverse to drive, which oftentimes resulted in the accelerator being depressed before the transmission engaged. Carried to dealership numerous times; dealership claimed to have found nothing abnormal with the transmission... the service manager finally told my wife that if the transmission failed it was covered under warranty and could be replaced then. Finally failed completely during a similar maneuver. Sitting in my garage because Mazda refuses to repair.
2001 Mazda 626- Automatic Transmission123,000
trans only 1 and 2nd gear and reverse works. trying to find someone to fix it now
1998 Mazda 626- Automatic Transmission187,000
Transmission one day just quit shifting on my way home from work. I stopped the car shut it off then started it and made it another couple hundred feet did this till I made it home. While trying to get home at 3:30 in the monrnig, the overdrive off light atarted to flash. I parked it and haven't driven it since. I have started it and moved it in the driveway a few times but not down the road. I don't know how far it will make it.
2002 Mazda 626- Automatic Transmission130,000
The Transmission shifts hard between gears 1st and 2nd and makes a loud buzzing noise that increases in sound as you excellerate.
2002 Mazda 626- Automatic Transmission
Transmission suddenly started slipping O/D light started blinking"
2001 Mazda 626- Automatic Transmission16,000
My mazda 626 won't drive in D what should i do
1995 Mazda 626- Automatic Transmission143,392
Well its not driving in 1,2,d rev works fine no diagnosis yet I was told not worth the time
2000 Mazda 626- Automatic Transmission87,000
Problem started when it would not start sometimes. Turned over, wouldn't catch. Then power locks make horrible grinding noise and I cannot use the remote clicker to open the doors or trunk anymore. Shortly after that, I put it in gear and all it does is rev up the engine but no go, in any gears. Shop says new tranny needed but they didn't pull it apart to look at it. They want 2,500 to fix. Sheesh.
2002 Mazda 626- Automatic Transmission130,000
Won't reverse or drive forward. Changed the solenoid pack in the pan of the transmission Got it from pull-a-part and still nothing. Help!!
1999 Mazda 626- Automatic Transmission230,000
If you're in Drive suddenly it will just keep on accelerating but not running until u stop right in the middle of the road. Start in the morning you shift to Drive, wait for a minute or 2 u will hear a loud thud then it will move, same thing in Reverse,
2000 Mazda 626- Automatic Transmission190,000
Car will go in gear a couple times then it won't. Changed neutral safety switch but same problem! Any suggestions
1997 Mazda 626- Automatic Transmission95,000
Transmission out
1995 Mazda 626- Automatic Transmission
Was drovind down the street the car made a jerk like something locked up. Then we pulled over to check it out. Not the car doesn't go in reverse. It only goes forward. Transmission fluid was low bit I just bought it and didn't think anything g of it. Replaced transmission fluid bit the problem still persist. The wheels are locked up. I notice when the tow guy towed it.
2000 Mazda 626- Automatic Transmission124,000
Reverse fine, forward gears slow to engage then lurching and only engaging at higher revs.
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