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Mazda 626 Transmission Failure Common

Mazda 626 Problem
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Model Years Affected: 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001

Drive Train Affected: Automatic Transmission

Average Mileage: 114,363 mi (53,000 mi - 158,000 mi)


Premature automatic transmission failure is common. Diagnoses of the fault will be necessary to determine if repair or replacement is the proper repair.

  • Visitor, , Automatic Transmission, 106,000 mi

    Transmission failed and the only working gears were 1st thru 2nd and Reverse. Warranty covered the replacement, however the rebuilt replacement also has issues. Specifically overly firm shifting.

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  • Visitor, , Automatic Transmission, 127,000 mi


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  • Visitor, , Automatic Transmission, 82,000 mi

    The auto trans in this car is a complete piece of crap. It literally went through it's original trans, a replacement, and a rebuild in less then 6 months. I found out after all of this that the auto trans is the same one that comes in the Ford Taurus of that time frame and it failed repeatedly in that car as well. If you buy one of these cars make sure you get the manual transmission or avoid it like the plague.

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  • robertdickhudt, , Automatic Transmission, 144,000 mi

    car will not move forward or back,rev engine does nothing-shifted perfect, parked for one hr, now will not shift, also power windows do not operate, they did prior to parking.

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  • Visitor, , Automatic Transmission, 53,000 mi

    Bought new, problem started within a month of purchase... manifested by an abnormal delay when shifting from reverse to drive, which oftentimes resulted in the accelerator being depressed before the transmission engaged. Carried to dealership numerous times; dealership claimed to have found nothing abnormal with the transmission... the service manager finally told my wife that if the transmission failed it was covered under warranty and could be replaced then. Finally failed completely during a similar maneuver. Sitting in my garage because Mazda refuses to repair.

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  • Visitor, , Automatic Transmission, 123,000 mi

    trans only 1 and 2nd gear and reverse works. trying to find someone to fix it now

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  • Visitor, , Automatic Transmission, 118,000 mi

    replaced the numeral safety switch and it still doesn't move but twice in reverse and forward then nothing

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  • Visitor, , Automatic Transmission, 152,000 mi

    transmission leaking from top and bottom o rings I have not been able to fix yet is it expensive to fix

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  • rose red, , Automatic Transmission, 130,000 mi

    transmission broke, got it repaired for an outrageous ammount

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  • Visitor, , Automatic Transmission, 158,000 mi

    It will drive fine for a few blocks the the car will not go. The engine runs great.

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