Saturn Outlook Problem Report

Saturn Outlook Premature transmission wear

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I would like to see if anyone else has had to have their transmission replaced. My Saturn has 47K miles, I have never towed anything and I went to put it into reverse and it wouldn't go into gear. After having it towed to mechanic, I was told the transmission needed to be replaced (besides reverse, 4th and 5th gear were also gone). I have never had a transmission go out...and I do all of the maintenance required. -
transmission went out same issues as the others..had trans replaced and still acts funny airbag light keeps coming on too. -
2011 - Had the transmission rebuilt. 2013 - Had another problem. A part went bad and had to be replaced. -
Transmission 62,000-3rd,5th gear went out while driving, no reverse. Very dangerous situation. Rebuilt transmission still under warranty. Wish I had reversed at dealership while purchasing. Out of warranty 5 years, 103,000 Timing belt issue $2100.00 No recall for this year but recall for 2007 same issue. (WHAT?) No more GM-GMC Dodge Vehicles. Going Foreign!!! -
Didn't even have my car a year and transmission went out. First I was told timing chain but it was transmission. I got my car used at 84,000 and had gotten to 103,000 in almost a year and this happened. -
Lost 3rd gear and reverse. Required reman. transmission replacement. GM covered after much arguing, even though the warranty was expired. -
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