Volvo C30 Problem Report

Volvo C30 The Keyless Entry System May Stop Working

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The keyless entry system may stop working due to a loss of synchronization with one or more remotes. Our technicians tell us re-synchronization may be only a temporary solution, the keyless entry receiver may need replacement to correct this concern.

I have the same problem, the keyless system is not working. In addition, the lock/unlock buttons inside the car also do not work. Taking it to a mechanic today to see if the problem is a simple one so as to avoid taking the car to the dealer. -
Was told it needed 1000 repair. But was able to use by taking out key and using remote all the time to start car. Trying to see if I can avoid $1500 repair -
Keyless entry/lock works about 2/3 of the time. Have now replaced the key fob batteries in both keys twice inside of 6 months. No resolution, looking for further troubleshooting thoughts/techniques. -
Second back up key also stopped working after 2 years of use... -
remote dont work plus "refill washer fluid" always on even after fill up -
Keyless entry stopped working with new batteries. -
Keyless entry stopped working overnight. -
keyless entry system failed to operate -
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