Lexus GS350 Problem Report

Lexus GS350 The Inside Rear View Mirror May Become Discolored

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The inside rear view mirror may become discolored or difficult to see clearly from. A revised mirror is available to correct this concern.

the rear view mirror looks like its all scratched up from the inside out getting hard to use -
I have same rear view mirror problem -
My 2006 GS300 also having this issue and I called NHTSA to file a complain. My rear view mirror is complete deteriorated to a point that it can no longer see any object in the mirror. It has become a safety issue and I think if we all report this issue to NHTSA then we may have a chance to ask Lexus to do a safety recall. The replacement mirror will cost more than $1800 from Lexus and they are only willing to pay 50% not including labor in my case. 50% of $1800 is still too much for a mirror. It is a safety device not like radio or power window. We bought a Lexus not Pinto. What a disappointment! -
Rear view mirror is a bit discolored. Has some black streaks formed on it. -
2007 Lexus GS350 interior rear view mirror looks scratched (the mirror coating inside the housing) -
Rear view mirror has dark spots. -
Darkened spots on rear view mirror. -
Getting it replaced -
I have the same issue and my GS350 is a 2006 -
The reflective coating is wearing off. -
mirror developing "scratches" -
The rear view mirror got smoggy and difficult to see in certain condition. I think this is a poor quality dfective mirror. -
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