Lexus IS250 Problem Report

Lexus IS250 The Inside Rear View Mirror May Become Discolored

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The inside rear view mirror may become discolored or difficult to see clearly from. A revised mirror is available to correct this concern.

Rear view mirror has rusty brown streaks and square ares showing up. Hard to see out of. And now my navigation screen is frozen. And all controls are unable to use. Dont understand why there has not been a recall yet! -
Cloudy, squares, difficult to see rear view. -
Middle mirrior scratched hard to see safety issue need be recall on middle mirror replace safety issue -
Rear view mirror discolored hard to see outand of causing safty issues -
Same problem -
Me too. Is there a publicised solution? -
Inside Rear View Mirror is discolored and disfunctional -
Rear View Mirror has become discolored with signs of scratches. No remedy as of yet. Wasn't sure if that it a warranty item. -
Rear view mirror has black streaks and discoloration making it hard to see out of. -
Same issue -
The rear view mirror is pitted and discolored almost so you can not see with it. Never used a cleaner on it other then water. Very unhappy with this car for the many reasons and recalls. -
Mirror has dark blotches/scratches making it difficult to see. This has been present for quite some time – – I thought it was something I had done when wiping it, but I see that many others have experienced the same problem. Now the dealer says it will cost me $1000 to replace the mayor when it is an obvious defect. -
Same issue: The inside rear view mirror started getting dotted with black grains on all the sides of the mirror! Right now, the black dots are all over the sides and mid-areas of the mirror; thereby causing blocked visuals in front of the car! -
Dark spider veins over mirror -
I have this problem. Will the dealer pay for the mirror to be changed -
rear view mirror is cloudy because liquid LCD is apparently leaking. Hope replacement is not too expensive. -
problem with defrost front windows .. drivers site in site tacking long time to clan . so is problem with vision -
Discolered rear view mirror. Hard to see -
Cloudy mirror with black spots -
hard to see out -
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