The Fuel Gauge May Read Incorrectly on Nissan Rogue

Problem Description and Possible Solution

The fuel gauge may read incorrectly due to a faulty sender in the tank. A failed fuel level sender will require replacement to restore correct fuel gauge operation.

Problem Data
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Average mileage: 58,877 (1,300–133,661)
6 model years affected: 2008, 2009, 2011, 2012, more2013, 2015
47 people reported this problem
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Fuel gauge never reads full after rolling past 16,000 miles. Have to fill the tank to overflow level to make sure it is full. Still reads inaccurately. Dealer not aware of TSB on this issue until he checked with service department. Quote for repair: $119. to diagnose.
$420. for sender unit and sub-sender unit (vehicle is AWD) and $263. for labor. Informed me I was his first customer with this problem. According to info from other Rogue owners on the web, this is a common problem. Nissan should issue a recall not a TSB.
Took it back to Nissan dealership with around 12k because everytime I filled up take the tank the fuel gauge would only read a 1\2 of tank, then slowly creep up to 3\4 of a tank. They replaced fuel sender & something else. However this has not fixed the issue as it's still doing the same thing. I have not brought it back to the dealer as I feel they don't have a fix for this issue from what I have read online in the Nissan forums.
I just bought the car from Nissan as a certified pre owned car and noticed the tank has read FULL for the last three days. I drive a lot. This seems impossible. I'm planning on taking it back to Nissan to see if they can fix it
Gas gaude does not accurately report the gas thats in the tank.
After fueling the gauge read full, however only after two hours (parked) now it says empty and the warning light came on. The range does display the correct mileage left (about 350 miles) but it still shows a warning.
Gage reads zero though tank is full. Made appointment with dealer to repair in a couple of days; hope sensor does not tell engine to cut off.
I just filled my tank up, 13.9 gallons and the gauge is reading only 3 quarters full
Show low fuel when there is still half tank. Gauge tends to get back to normal reading after driving for a while. Service engine soon light also on.
After last fill up gauge read full.Still showed full after 90 mi. After 150mi. gauge shows either full or 3/4 full when started and changes while driving but never goes below 3/4 tank.
Replacement cost is ridiculous.Nissan should issue recall.
Fuel guage shows more than it has in it, also bad hesitation at times, but does not set a code.
I took my rogue in for the 30000 mile service and since then the fuel gauge is only starting at 3/4 of a tank, then gets up to full, after putting 15.1 gallons in the car, the mileage gauge shows only 250 miles then after driving a few miles it goes up to 310, but never is the same. Before Dick Smith in Columbia worked on my car, I would get 388 miles per fill up. I have spoken to the service manager and even Jud Smith who called me and said he roadtested my car and it holds 15.8 gallons and get 26 miles per gallon, which should be 418 and my fuel light should come on around 385-390. This last fill up I had to get fuel at 341 with only 22 miles left which would have been 363...and Jud Smith said the computer said everything is fine with my car. I lost $600, my car is not the same and I'm getting ready to go to Nissan directly. Don't ever let Dick Smith Nissan on Two Notch road work on your vehicle.
same problem with inaccurate readings. new sensors, still a problem.
Never reads any more than 3/4
Fuel gauge is not reading correctly, and when adding gas it won't allow me to fill. Gauge will read 1/2 tank and then 3/4 full after driving for a while . Dealer said it needs new sensor which will cost around $600 - $800 dollars . I am going to leave it until nissan admits there is a problem and they will fix.
Was rear ended in 2015, after car returned fuel gage will only read from Empty to 4 gallons. When trying to fill Gas passed the point of gage reading 4 gallons, it will not let me. Gas pump reads tank as full. The actual gas tank feels full (told by auto body shop) when it's reading 4 gallons full. Because auto body shop could not prove the rear end accident was the cause of my fuel gage being broken after I picked my car up, the party at faults insurance will not pay. I have yet to get the repair estimated by dealership or find out cost for fixing, since I have had my car back for a week. Looking to find similar problems before giving up on fighting their insurance pays for (or proving accident is cause of problem).
My fuel gauge was reading 1/2 a tank. Unfortunately, that was wrong! My insurance had to send a tow truck to tow my car to my home. It turned out that it was empty on gas. Filled the tank up and gauge still reads 1/2.
Fuel gage reads correctly for a while, and if I park the car, turn off the engine for a while and then start it, the fuel gage will read empty or almost empty and the warning light comes on. Last week the service engine light came on and it was the fuel tank sensor. Had it replaced and the fuel gage is still doing the same thing. Eventually, it floats back up to the correct (?) reading.
I have the same problem, when the tank is in the midle, it shows me that it doesn't have gas, because the sensor is not working properly.