Mazda CX-7 Problem Report

Mazda CX-7 Warm Air From AC System

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The AC compressor may fail causing the AC system to blow warm air, smoke may also appear from the engine. A failed AC compressor will require replacement. Mazda has extended the warranty on these compressors to 5 year or 60K mikes. If these conditions are noted our technicians recommend to turn the AC system off and have it inspected as soon as possible.

It blows cold some times and some times it dont. -
compessor locked up and it started smoking like burning rubber. -
made alot of noise and it got worse -
Driving on the freeway when smoke started coming out from under the hood. Now, whenever i turn on the air, the whole car shakes. -
AC compressor had to be replaced...thermostat replaced...check engine light came on, rpm started going crazy from 1000 to 3000 rpm while accelerating, car was losing power, thankfully able to turn into a repair shop. believe it's the turbocharger. -
Same thing happens to my car but mine is a 2009. AC works when it wants to and when it doesn't it blows warm air. No smoke so far. -
A/c just stopped working and blowing warm air!! -
Same thing happened in 2010. Now it's happened again in 2015 and Mazda is not covering it. Warranty lasts 12k or 12 months. Just prepare to buy a compressor every 4-5 years or sell it. PCM recall in 2014 after changing out in 2011. And now EGR needs replacing only months after. I'm done with Mazda vehicles. -
Started blows warm air but other time blows cold air. Ended with smokes get out from machine compartment. Called mazda technician and he told it is from ac compressor. The solution is to change the compressor, but unfortunately there is no stock in my city. This almost 2 weeks and my car still stay in garage -
AC blowing warm air. Dealership replaced compressor under warranty -
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