2008 Subaru Legacy Recalls

RepairPal Expert Overview on October 13, 2016

A part of the engine air intake system called the air injection pump may continually operate and overheat.  This could result in a fire hazard.

RepairPal Expert Overview on June 10, 2014

In certain cold weather states where salt is used to clear icy roads, brake lines may corrode and develop a brake fluid leak, affecting safe operation of the brakes.

RepairPal Expert Overview on March 27, 2013

In areas where salt is used to de-ice the roads, corrosion can develop on the brake lines, resulting in brake fluid loss, and a potential for reduced braking efficiency.

RepairPal Expert Overview on October 20, 2008

There is an pipe in the engine compartment that supplies oil to engine components. This pipe is at risk of failure because it may have been assembled incorrectly at the factory. If oil leaks on some hot engine components, a fire could result.