Volvo S80 Problem Report

Volvo S80 Steering Wheel Module (SWM) May Stop Working

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The steering wheel module (SWM) stops working, this affects the turn signals, horn, cruise control, and audio buttons on the steering wheel.

cruise control, audio controls suddenly went out on steering wheel module -
MY s80 19999 stearing wheel module stop workin no lights no indicators i have tried all established tips like removing the fuse and diconnecting the battery have fail...please help me with solution. -
Same as above. Turn signals aand steering wheel "buttons" went out. Fuse # 22 was not blown. I replaced it and the system reset itself. All work properly now. Easy fix. Thx. -
stering whell controls go out. I pulled the fuse out and put it back in and it reset. It happens once every 3 months. -
replaced fuse #23. The fuse wire between the two prongs was missing a section. Once I replaced the car starting functioning properly. I now have a turn signal, cruise control, radio volume, normal car illumination. Thanks for the advice from the board. -
This problem was solved 3 times by disconncting the battery but then the SWM went totally dead. -
Radio display, turn signals inop, hi-beams inop, intermittent wiper speed inop (wipers only work on one speed), windshield washer inop, Driver Information Display Inop, Steering Wheel buttons for Cruise and Radio inop. R&R CEM, which was refurbed by xemodex and everything worked as designed for a minute or two then failed. Bright spot is that the radio display is now working properly. I'm back to square one on the rest of the issues. Could it be the SWM? -
Turn signals and audio stopped I was trying to sell it. Going back to try and disconnect battery termins, clear system and replace the fuse. Hopefully this works. -
I have the same problem once in a while and I just plugg out the battery an afer that It's ok! -
Sometimes no cruise, sometimes no signals, somtimes no info center. Disconnect battery or r & r #22 fuse. Could happen again on next drive or maybe not again for a year. been going on for 5 years now. I still love my S80 -
SWM stopped working twice 20 months ago. Just turning off ignition would work. It just stopped working today. And previous solution does not work. Here is my plan: 1) swap fuse #22 2) disconnect car battery for 30 seconds 3) Change SWM UPDATE: tried step 1 - did not work. -
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