Mercury Grand Marquis Problem Report

Mercury Grand Marquis Airbag Light Due to Failed Spring in Seat Belt Buckle

(52 reports)

A spring in the seat belt buckle may wear or fail, causing the airbag light on the instrument panel to illuminate. Failed buckles will require replacement.

seatbelt airbag light on - dealer replaced pretensioner ~ $60 but light and beep continued - ran another check - whole seatbelt assembly had to be replaced - part $356 labor $254 (3 hours) 1st and hopefully only big issue I have had with this car. -
I too have the airbag light on. I counted the flashes and it is code 33. -
Air bag light blinks and then stays on. Blinks appear to be 33 Just noticed it, no fix to date. -
air bag light on. ford replaced driver side seat belt and then the light came on again and ford said the passenger side seat belt also had to be replaced. I refused the repair and since the seat belt works ok will forget about the air bag if it depends on a buckle spring. Have driven for over 70 years and have never had a head on collision. Have only a few more years left to drive. -
I had a problem with my air bag light on the instrument panel staying on all the time. I went to my garage and they had to replace both the right and left side belts. My car only has 30,000 miles on it and it does not seem as if this should have occurred for this short time. -
2 of my 2005 Grand Marquis' seat belt buckles have failed. -
Ford dealer wants $672+ to replace driver side seatbelt. I refused the fix. Hopefully airbag will still go off if car is in an accident (especially if someone is in passenger seat). I think this should be a recall issue especially since there is no reason to believe that if fixed the other seatbelt might have same problem. -
Air bag light on, some beaping. Dealer says it's the seat belt assembly, will cost about, $500.00 to fix. -
Driver's seat buckle spring failed. Won't lock belt. -
air Bag light stays on all the time never fixed -
Seatbelt/airbag light and beeper comes on when car is started. Beeps 25 times, light stays on continuously. After about 30 minutes beeper starts again for 25 beeps. The beeping is annoying but the repair cost thru the dealer will be about $700. I guess the allotted number of deaths due to this malfunction hasn't been met yet to warrant a recall. -
spring failed on the seat belt buckel on my grand marquis -
seat belt will not buckle. Female end has failed. -
my seat belt does not clip on the spring is not working -
Airbag light on with beeping. I haven't fixed problem as the dealer wants to replace both seatbelts at 1200 dollars. I am on fixed income and not happy with this problem -
Airbag light stays on. Flashes code 33 indicating a problem in the seat belts. This problem was verified by Kinsel Ford Dealership in Beaumont, Texas. Cost $132.00 for report. Not fixed yet.I expect Ford to repair this problem at no cost to me. -
This is the THIRD time this has happened to my vehicle. Twice in 2011 with less than 30000 miles and spent almost 800.00 on those repairs and here it is happening again. How frustrating! -
oil leaking on starter. -
Drivers side seat belt buckle will not latch. Pursuing remedy. -
The airbag would not turn off and a buzzer would sound every half an hour with a series of five beeps five times. It cost me $750 to have the seat belt replaced. It would be nice if this was a recall, as that was a lot of money on social security. -
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