Speedometer or Other Instrument Panel Gauge May Work Erratically on GMC Yukon XL 1500

The speedometer or other instrument panel gauge may begin to work erratically at times. Our technicians tell us that the instrument cluster must be sent to a repair facility to correct this fault. The warranty has been extended on some of these units to 7 years or 70,000 miles.

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Average mileage: 137,114 (60,000–285,000)
4 model years affected: 2001, 2003, 2004, 2005
38 people reported this problem
22 people shared problem details
Instrument cluster malfunction on most of these general motors vehicles. Unfortunately it wasn't covered under recall or warranty at this mileage. Found out was covered only till 70k. Bummer because I have heard multiple complaints on this problem with GM.
erratic speedometer,oil gauge,fuel gauge and most recent tach
oil presure gage is not working will not move up or down
Speedometer is totally broken.
Instrument cluster does not work on start up..after short drive time a restart usually solves the issue
My entire instrument cluster starting blinking and then went dead.
on yukon [not XL] after driving many miles, stopped at a rest area, and when I started up again, many of the instrument lights did not light including the spesedometer. aftere driving a while they came back on. I had expesrienced this before with random group of insstrument lights not lighting. Eventually they always came back without my taking special action.
display cluster electrical voltage cluster out
Oil pressure over ranging. Tach. indicates low, sometime it goes hi. At times the speed-O is 50 mph high or is stuck.
All gauges stopped working at same time sometimes they start working for a short time. Doesn't register mileage when they arn't working
The instrument panel works then doesn't seems this is a very common problem with this year.
All Gauges are Haywire intermittingly
All instruments are malfunctioning
speedometer went all the way to max and stay there. its just stuck
I have an rpm gauge that fluctuates frequently; an oil pressure gauge that is pegged out the max; a speed-o that dances all the time. I called my local gmc dealer. I was told that the 7 yr / 70,000 mile warranty was expired in April of 2010. Although, my yukon has less than 70k, I was left on my own.
none of the gages on my yukon are working...
Speedometer and gages Have been intermittently working for a few weeks. This is the second panel I have had problems with. The first one was about three and a half years ago. The panel was replaced at a GM dealership. I have not had time to have this one repaired or replaced. The dealership says it has to be replaced at a cost of around $550 (parts and labor).
speed shows 120 miles per hour when only going 50mph. Or sometimes it shows 30mph when going 70mph. It has not been fixed.
My 2001 Yukon XL 1500 had an intermediate failure of the speedometer light and the electronic odometer was not working. I fixed it by pulling the dash panel. First loosen the cover of the steering wheel column behind the steering wheel, you do not have to fully remove it. Then pop out the instrument face panel, this is a little tricky so be careful not to damage the anything. It should just pop out, but check to make sure there are no screws to take out first, like on the bottom under the steering wheel, I don't remember at this moment, so check this out first. You do not pull it completely out, only enough to access the the back of the speedo unit. Then unplug the multi-connector to the speedometer, then squirt a little "electronic contact cleaner" on both ends of the connector. The correct cleaner is available at any NAPA parts house or from a Radio Shack. You cannot use anything like WD-40 as it will ruin the entire system, so you better be sure to use the right cleaning agent, one that leave no residue! No grease of any kind! Plug the connector back together and see if it works, if not, repeat the procedure until it works. The main thing is to make sure that the connector is firmly clicked together. Be extra careful to not touch any connection pins or bend them even a little. Make sure you properly align the pins to the female connector before pressing it back together. Of course, I take no responsibility for this fix, so you might want to confirm with a GM repair person, but it worked for me and I save a lot of money. Then again, sometimes you should not try to do something you do not at least a little confidence in doing. This is an old, old, old proverb, I believe, said by Adam just after he took the bait from Eve.
charging voltz cluster out
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