GMC Yukon Denali Problem Report

GMC Yukon Denali Speedometer or Other Instrument Panel Gauge May Work Erratically

(55 reports)

The speedometer or other instrument panel gauge may begin to work erratically at times. Our technicians tell us that the instrument cluster must be sent to a repair facility to correct this fault. The warranty has been extended on some of these units to 7 years or 70,000 miles.

The speedodometer and the RPM guage stopped working at most of every time that the SERVICE TIRE MONITOR appeared on the message center. -
speedometor and all other guages stopped working -
4 of the gauges were sending false readings. I bought the motors on Ebay for 25.00 and with very little skills I replaced and works perfect again. -
The gas gauge broke as well as my oil pressure gauge (it is pinned at 80). six months later, my speedometer is now broken. No money to fix! -
same cluster problem speedometer works when it wants 120miles per hour when only goin 55 -
Entire instrument panel with speedometer and all gages including the digital readout works erratically. It was recalled in 2007 & replaced now it is not working again! Quite a safety hazard when you don't know your speed you are traveling and all gages including rpm stop functioning. Why won't GM replace it again if there is a problem AGAIN? -
Speedometer and other gages began to work erractically I had the yukon serviced costing me $400 +dollars for a Problem that still exist but the auto repair shop wants to charge me an additional fee. Stating that the whole cluster must be replaced. -
The speedometer works erratically at times. The repair shop told me that the instrument cluster needs to be replace. I have no warranty on the vehicle -
My problem started happening only when I was driving a long distance. I would look down and I was going "0",1st the speedo, then the tach, now the voltage...bummer! -
Both speedometer and the fuel gage work erratically... the oil gage stopped working and just hang down....its not fix... -
The RPM Gauge is not working -
Speedometer register 0 mph always -
Gas gauge jumps around and goes from full to empty causing low fuel light to come on. Now the battery gauge is showing low voltage. (just put new battery in and alternator checks out fine. Lights on dash dim and then brighten up again. -
dash lights and instruments are not working. I went to get the mileage and the instruments did not work so I banged on the right inside of the dash instrument area and now all lights and instruments work!! Must be a bad ground or hot wire connection. -
Speedometer failed then other gages. -
At times the instrument cluster does not light up when starting vehicle. When it finally decides to light up, I gat a "tire monitor pressure" comes on and I push a button to clear it and the odometer comes back on. It does this rather frequently. -
It started at about 50k and dealer kept changing top sensors now lights on cluster went dim and tire sensor error continues dealer refused to properly look into problem since beginnin. -
First my speedometer started giving false readings, then a month later it just stopped past the 120mph mark. A while later the oil pressure gauge started doing the same thing. Now they are both stuck on the same position. It's still not fixed! -
Speedometer goes to 20 mph when your driving on the interstate at 60- 70 have to stop and turn the vehicle off to correct I, but a while later it will happen again. This is GMC way of making you take a break from driving, spend $1.75 on a drink at a rest stop and start again. The only thing they didn't figure were the amount of sales they are loosing from hiding problems they should be willing to fix. GM use to have a reputation as one of the best auto makers, they like others have had there asses handed to them by foreign manufactures. -
Started by simply flashing on and this point its off 95 percent of the time and it seems to drain my battery overnight. If I don't and cut up my battery I'll have to get a jump every day. -
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