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GMC Sierra 3500 Speedometer or Other Instrument Panel Gauge May Work Erratically

GMC Sierra 3500 Problem
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Model Years Affected: 2003, 2004

Average Mileage: 88,000 mi (54,000 mi - 122,000 mi)


The speedometer or other instrument panel gauge may begin to work erratically at times. Our technicians tell us that the instrument cluster must be sent to a repair facility to correct this fault. The warranty has been extended on some of these units to 7 years or 70,000 miles.

  • Visitor, , 54,000 mi

    The speedo works sometimes and doesn't other times. It can be pegged at 120 mph while in park even. Then for no reason the next time the truck is started up the speedo may work fine or be sitting at 60 mph. Sometimes it fluctuates or other times it doesn't. Sending into an independent that specializing in this common chevy/GMC problem called cluster repair.

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  • Visitor, , 122,000 mi

    go to start the truck and the electric odometer works but all other gauges such as speedo tach fuel oil pressure dont move at all they stay at 0 just like they would if the truck was off. this has happened twice but it seems like after its off for a while then you restart it decides to work

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