Software Updates Are Available Which May Solve Various Electrical/Lighting Problems on Chrysler 300

Software updates are available which may correct various electrical problems with the interior features and lighting.

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Average mileage: 111,448 (43,000–221,475)
8 model years affected: 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, more2009, 2010, 2012, 2013
36 people reported this problem
19 people shared problem details
2005 Chrysler 300167,200
Head lights and interior lights flash on and off when turned on. Lights come on in the off position and are off in the on position. Have to keep switching between on and off o get the lights to stay on.
I can start my car and turn on headlights and as long as car is idleing there is no problem. As I accelerate ,all of the lights begin to paulsate
2005 Chrysler 300166,000
The dash lights and the headlights flicker off and on at night. They come on in the off position and turn off in the on position. This has been going on for almost a year. I have not had it checked out for fear that it will be costly. Anyone have suggestions on a resolution?
2005 Chrysler 300140,894
dash lights flicker all the time at night or while it's raining and the lights are on, but most times after say a hundred or so miles of continues driving the abs and esp lights will come on and my vehicle will lose speed and refuse to accelerate until I pull over put the vehicle in park, turn off the ignition and do a restart, then everything is back to normal. had it in the shop several times before we hit the 100k mark and the dealer replaced the clock spring each time which solved the problem for about 20 miles tops.
Dash lights and head lights pulsate almost all the time
Have turned key and started vehicle and windows, radio, interior lighting and other accessories don't work along with the ESP/BAS light illunminated.
2007 Chrysler 30063,000
All lights flicker off and on; mostly when it rains and the ESP/BAS light stayed on.
2005 Chrysler 300115,000
dashboard and headlights flicker
2005 Chrysler 30078,896
Driving at night, went out
2008 Chrysler 300120,000
Interior lights and radio not working.
2005 Chrysler 30044,000
Lights flicker along with all other lights
front and rear lights go and light up
Half of dash lights out on drivers side and trunk release do not work.
2012 Chrysler 300146,009
All my lights on the dash came on and then my car lost power
The car stereo light stays off most of the time and every now an then it comes on so you can see what channel etc. When the light does come on I can change from AM to FM or to the CD. But when the light remains off, I cannot change from the last position. For instance it is now stuck in the AM position. The controls on the stereo or the steering wheel do not work except for the volume buttons. The car is a 300 C
2005 Chrysler 300126,233
All of my dash lights go off and come back on a couple of times. And the fuel gauge is actually empty when the gauge reads one quarter of a tank.
2005 Chrysler 300148,000
Running light don't work at night replace switch and still nothing ,also my tag light not working either
Dash, interior lights, door locks, and trunk. Don't work
2007 Chrysler 300129,719
Have video of it but all idiot lights come on, car beeps, all gauges stop reading, they come back on about two seconds later. I turn lights off it happens again.
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