Plymouth Voyager Problem Report

Plymouth Voyager Silding Door May Fall Off Track

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A problem with the sliding door track and door stops can allow the door to slide out of the track and fall off the vehicle. This is more common when doors are opened fast and allowed to hit the stops with a lot of force.

the door has to be tied shut -
The rubber stop on the track rusted off. I came in 1 inch and drilled a hole and put in a scred in the track. No more door comming off. -
Went to open the sliding door August 25, 2011, and it just felt off the track onto my disabled husband. I looked at him and then the door in total shock. I couldn't believe my eyes. No warning at all, it just fell off. I haven't been able to use the door since. I had to have my neighbor help me and my husband put it back on. It is locked on only by the lock that is on that door. It is a manual lock. Hope that it stays on. I can't afford all these issues with this van and no one will use it for trade in because of the problems with them. I wish I would have known about their issues before getting one. I am very disappointed in this vehicle. Sincerely from a very disappointed customer, Sarah Ryan, Bend, OR. -
slide rail needs replaced -
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