Nissan 350Z Problem Report

Nissan 350Z Service Bulletin Addressing Problem With Front Tire Wear/Noise

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There was a service bulletin addressing a problem with front tire wear and tire noise. The tires would "growl" or "roar" at speeds under 30 mph or under moderate braking on smooth roads. The repair first involved resetting the front alignment and then either replacing or rotating (side-to-side) the front tires. This fixed the concern for some, though others still reported a recurring issue.

Front tire noise. Like wheel bearing going out. -
I just had the car two weeks & found inside front tires wearing fast. I was told to have four wheel alinement every 10,000 miles to get as much wear as posable. I really enjoy the car & it looks new. Hope I can get better then the 5000 I have heard. My soft top just got a 4 inch tear near the bottom left window. Do you know why this happen? Monday I will try to find out why,& find a repair kit, as I don't have $1,500.00 to $2300.00 from the dealer. My top would not open all the way but I think I may have taken me foot of the brake.I close it, shut every thing down & started over & it work ok. I hope that is the answer. I had the roters turn down, & noe I have a smoth stop. I also used Mothers showroom & the car looks like new. Please give me some feed back, I need the help. Thanks -
Tires were bald by 18000 miles. Sounded like a wheel bearing going bad. I got two tires from Nissan and they redid the alignment. I have 15000 miles on the new tires and the noise has started again... -
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