Acura RL Problem Report

Acura RL Sensor Problems May Cause SRS Light To Turn On

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The Airbag (SRS) warning light may illuminate due to one or more failed sensors. Our technicians recommend complete diagnoses of any stored fault codes because these sensors can be very expensive to replace.

One day SRS light came on and stayed on. dealer quoted $1800-$1950 to replace the whole airbag system. I think it should be covered by life time warranty or recall. -
SRS light, turns out if it needs OPDS sensor, part is $730, about $960 with labor! if just unit, around $400. Warranty for this expired 2010. We just bought this car for my son! It Was a great deal....then this! Good luck if this happens to you! -
Same issue on a 2000 with 150K. SRS light on and have traced it to a seat sensor. Like lots of things, electronic parts are far more generic than one might believe when it comes to switches and such. Once I dig into it and determine the specs, I'll try to source it independently of the Honda supply chain. -
Problem diagnosed as bad seat belt sensor. I was told at the dealership that the light being on disabled the airbags in the car as well. Shoddy design if a bad sensor on the passenger side seat belt disabled the driver's side airbag. Bad design if the seat belt sensor is bad, but it still shuts down the airbag, even though there's nothing wrong with either the seat belt, or the air bag. Sounds like a problem that could endanger lives. -
Has it chcecked and was told it was a sensor under the passengers seat, which could be replaced for $355. Is there a less expensive price for this. -
SRS light stay on -
This is an ongoing problem since I owned the car. I finally made a push button with a plug and in 30 seconds I can reset the light whenever it activates. I keep the button and instructions in my glove box for whenever it occurs. -
My SRS light came on and I took it to the dealer who informed me that it was sensors in my passanger seat had gone bad . He said it would be 800.00 to fix. I did some checking on my own and discovered that the warranty on these parts had been extended for 10 years or I believe 150,000 miles. Once I called and told him about my findings he then confirmed it and there was no charge. (Thankfully I checked on my own before just going ahead and getting it repaired ) my SRS came on again ater 80,000 miles . This time it was a faukty sealt belt sensor and again there was no charge. I Love my Acura and have had very little problems. I purchased it new in 2002 and just now have had a few problems. -
SRS stays on. appears to be a defect but surprised to see the dealers would charge to fit it. it is a safety hazard. pretty sure there are more acura owners being impacted but since it doesn't interfere with driving so people just ignore this problem. other than that my 16 years old acura is doing fine -
I have several codes on my 1999 Acura Rl. 1)P0155 2)P0174 3)p1204 4)P0401=EGR VALVE Also, SRS Light is On, TCS Light is on, ABS Light is on. Car still drives good but, I found out that the O2 sensor after the catalyis converter needs replacing. EGR Valve is 149.99, O2 sensor is 168.99 Direct fit Possible#4 Cylinder coil is misfiring. -
All the light when on after I scan it whit scam tool -
SRS light, Acura found SRS OPDs sensor at fault and SRS unit gone bad. -
First the fasten seat belt light came on and would not go out. That lasted for about a day. Then the Check Airbag System light came on. -
Haven't been able to fix it yet! -
12 year old RL, 125,000 miles...I live in NC and the car HAS NEVER PASSED NC INSPECTION due to the SRS light being on...Every year the car has to go to the dealership and be repaired usually in excess of $550.00..Within 100 miles after the repair the light comes back on. I have been researching the problem on AcuraZine so I CAN TELL THEM WHAT TO is a wonderful car and I love it...However, I have had SRS problems since Flow Motors replaced the ??main computer module??? apx 7 yrs ago..Cost more than $900.00..Last year the steering column up/down switch failed...I do not know if they removed the dashboard to diagnose this or what..Since that time I have had numerous problems ..heat fan does not blow from middle vents, left and right clock lights work randomly, controls for Radio/CD/Volume on steering column perform the wrong function use volume control and the CD switches tracks, CD skips when I use the Cruise functions on the steering column...I never realize these "new" glitches/problems until I drive on a long trip...generally I run errands within 10 miles of my I just deal with it....The engine is great and I will drive the car until the engine dies.. -
sensor in the seat -
Light came on for no reason shortly after buying the car used and has been on since. -
tried the paperclip trick no dice must be a bad sensor! -
I bought this car used private party at 129,800 miles. There were no acura link messages I was aware of because I did not know what to look for even if there was one. I had a pre buy used car inspection done by a AAA referred auto repair facility, so I don't know if they would have caught the message as it is just an acura link message, no check engine lights on. I took it to a dealer at 133,000 miles when my power steering fluid leaked everywhere and they changed the p/s pump. I informed them of the message and they cleared it (I'm assuming the same way I did once by taking the negative terminal off the battery for ten minutes and it cleared the message for about an hour and then it came back up in my inbox, at that time my sh-awd also had an acura link message which also reappeared) when the dealer did it the passengers front airbag off, passengers side airbag off, and the sh-awd messages all cleared for a few good days. Now the passengers front air bag off message has reappeared, the other two have stayed off. I noticed a recall for rl 2005 passengers airbag on the acura site. Idk what's up with mine as I am a 2006? -Michelle, CA -
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