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Dear sir, I have a SAAB 9000 CD 1996 its make a white smoke, there is no smoke at start up when the engine cold, but when the heat raised to the middle level the smoke getting start, I also changed the engine , and...
How much to replace the entire headlight structure that is cracked. Not just a lamp.
Price to replace reservoir, upper & return hoses on power steering
I need serpentine belt routing for 1996 9000 Turbo. THANKS
My battery keeps getting drained from my lights & when i start the car the headlights, taillights & the wipers on the headlights. What could be causing this?
I just bought a used saab 9000 cse with 110,000 miles on it automatic turbo & every night the brand new battery dies & it starts after we jump start it . What could be causing it?