Volvo S60 Problem Report

Volvo S60 Rumbling Noise From Front of Vehicle While Driving

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One or both of the front wheel bearings may fail resulting in a rumbling noise from the front wheel area when driving over 25 mph.

noticed excessive road noise. had mechanic inspect & found left front & left rear berrings bad. replaced all four with non-volvo berrings. I don't trust the original equipment. -
Rumbling front driver side wheel bearings -
Humming whirling noise from front wheels. Replaced both front wheel bearings @ 50k miles -
Wheel bearing failure in front -- had to replace -
Rumbling noise while driving coming from front right side -
Felt like the wheel was out of balance. Only got bad at mid range speeds during acceleration. Replaced the wheel hubs and the problem persisted until I replaced the CV Axles also. I think it was an out of balance or bent passenger side axle. -
I took my car into to Volvo several times complaining of this rumbling sound and they got tired of my complaining and made up what the problem was "the bushings", I paid for this and I still have the rumbling sound. So yes they lied and took my money once again. -
sometimes when breaking, I get a knocking noise -
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