Volvo S40 Problem Report

Volvo S40 Right Front Engine Mount May Wear and Cause Vibration at Idle

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The right front engine mount wears out prematurely, causing engine vibration at idle.

vibration when turning right when engine cold. seems to go away when warmed up. -
It has a hard idle until it gets warm . And the actual. Air conditioning takes a while to get cool on warm days -
as stated, "engine shakes on right turns when engine is cold. getting worse, oil right joint area. -
rattling vibration especially when turning right and engine cold. car mechanic said drive axle broken, replaced it. sound got even worse after that (also when driving straight). they had another look. said engine pushes against axle. -
Vibrations through dash and steering wheel mostly on left side, probably the motor mounts -
Have had all motor mounts and transmission mounts replaced and still have the engine vibration issues. -
engine shakes at idle, motor mount bad -
When turning right -especially when car is cold- grinding type noise coming from right front area. Mechanic says to replace engine mount and control arm. None of this happened until after being hit on left side front by crazy cab driver who ran a red light! -
Took car in for service unrelated to this problem, but technician advised that I needed to take care of this front engine mount, or I would have worse problems if left unattended. It cost about 250 for parts and labor to fix this at the Volvo Georgetown dealership. -
broke mount, then snapped timing belt... -
All three engine mounts tart deteriorating and causing vibration at idle and low speed -
My car went in for service on my starter switch and they told me that I need to replace the right front engine mount -
car vibrates like crazy from front right engine mount as well as engine mount in rear. -
Car started getting louder about a year ago. Was loudest at startup and when idle, but OK on the road. Took 3 mechanics to figure this out -
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