Hyundai Entourage Problem Report

Hyundai Entourage Redesigned Gearshift Lever Available for Transmission Problems

(14 reports)

If you experience difficulty getting your Entourage transmission out of the Park position, a redesigned gearshift lever is available.

Gearshift selector gets stuck in park. Locks up. If I play with the shifter it eventually will come out of parkk -
wouldn't go into park. shop ordered redesigned shift knob. I installed -
My van sometimes will not shift out of park or when I get to drive it the shifter will not want to shift back to park.....Aevrex will NOT cover the repair -
Gear is hard to shiftr from park to reverse and vice versa -
Gear shift is intermittently difficult to move into or out of park. -
Gear shift came unscrewed, I screwed it back in but now it's stuck in park -
I was out shopping and got in the van to leave and the gearshift would not go into reverse or drive. I finally forced it hard enough that it would go into drive. Then it wouldn't go into park so I could not turn off the van so I had to force it into park. I had to have it towed to the dealership from the house. The gearshift was broken so they replaced it and I haven't had any more problems with it. -
Doesn't want to shift out of park easily or back intopark. -
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