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BMW 325i Rear Window Regulator

BMW 325i Problem
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Model Years Affected: 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006

Average Mileage: 95,605 mi (10,000 mi - 280,000 mi)


A side door window regulator may fail causing the window to stop working, in some eases falling into the door. Replacement of the failed regulator will be required to correct this concern.

  • Visitor,

    Rolled down rear window on my BMW 325i and hear a loud pop like breaking glass. Opened the door up and sure enough it was the window regulator that was broken on my car with 46K miles. BMW should be forced to repair this under a recall.

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  •  Enthusiast

    Rear window regulator broke in the down position. You can hear the motor trying to move the window when you hit the button, but nothing happens. Part had to be replaced at the expense of $240

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  • Visitor, , 99,000 mi

    Just put window down today passenger side window will not go up. Bmw should recall the junk materials they used in such a pricey vehicle. Hardly ever put my windows down so cannot blame it on overuse.

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  • Visitor, , 175,000 mi

    replaced door regulator expense 276.00

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  • Visitor,

    the driver side pulls up slow and stop some times

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  • Visitor, , 100,000 mi

    Passenger window regulator stopped working and window fell to bottom of door. This has happened again since replacing the regulator.

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  • Visitor, , 145,000 mi

    All four window cranks failed within the first 100,000 miles. They all had to be replaced one at a time as they failed at different times.

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  •  Rookie

    The rear windows stopped working first, then the front windows followed.
    Recently the front passenger window works when it wants too.
    I placed a square pencil eraser the big ones used just for erasing.
    I maneuvered the eraser in between the window and the inside.
    Last summer when temps reached over a hundred, I thought the eraser would become to soft , but it held in place
    And kept the windows up in hot and cold weather.
    I'd rather spend two dollars for a temporary fix then spend hundreds for the problem that's never right.
    Some call it a GHETTO FIX. I cal it .. It Works..

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  • Visitor, , 100,000 mi

    Rear window does not roll up, motor does engage

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  • Visitor, , 62,000 mi

    Exact same problem as mentioned by others concerning the rear window regulator and/or motor failure.
    VERY disappointed at the multiple issues this car has had for its expensive price tag. WILL not ever buy another BMW and will not recommend to others.

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