Volvo C70 Problem Report

Volvo C70 Sun Visors Will Not Stay Up and Interior Light Stays On

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The sun visor can break at the hinge area, causing the visor to fall down. This break can also cause the interior lights to stay on all the time, draining the battery. Disconnecting the visor will stop the lights from draining the battery, but the visor will need to be replaced to address this problem properly.

After this happened to me, I took the light out of the visor so the battery won't drain anymore. Because even replacement visors break easily, I ended up velcroing the visor up, which works well and is an inexpensive fix. -
Happened to driver side at 85,000 miles, and now again @ 123,000 miles. Drained battery both times. -
Driver side sun visor broke. -
Light used to stay on. Took it to a mechanic. Fixed. -
My mechanic fixed it. -
Battery had to be replaced three time before it was found to have same problem -
Driver side sun visor plastic shaft cracked and not visor will not stay up and light stays on draining the battery. $200.00 replacement part -
I noticed that my daughters interior light was always on at night when I locked-up the house for the family. So I went to check it out and the passengers visor was never engaged into its resting location causing the visor mirror to stay on. Moved back into place....and the damn thing fell off. Still have not replaced - busy fixing to many other issues on this car. A fathers worst nightmare...bought my daughter her sweet 16 convertible - and in 6 months have shelled out $2200 in repairs. <<sigh>> -
SAME THING, I took off the light and I am looking for a "cheap" sun visor -
Sunvisors break and light stays on. I took out the bulbs, and put velcro on the sunvisors so they will stay up unless I need them down. -
I had to take the lightfitting out and remove the bulb. Can't see any other way to fix it except getting a new one. -
Both of my sunvisors have broke off. Before this happened however the drivers side wouldnt stay up and they just broke off one day. Also my battery had a slow drain and I had to continually jump start my car I got a new battery and around the same time the drain stopped that is when the visors broke. -
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